409 New Facebook Likes for Your Martial Arts Business

Let me share a little Facebook secret with you.

This little secret increased page likes by 409 in just one month and I’m hoping you can use it to increase likes for your martial arts business.

The back story – I have a few “brands” in my company.

One of them had a Facebook biz page that was sorta “limping along.”

I didn’t pay much attention to it aside from posting o

nce a day. It took about a year to get to 149 Likes.

The likes came from friends and a few recommendations they were so gracious enough to give me.

This “limping along” did not make me happy. I’d rather be running than limping.

Then, I tried something new and… “Bada-Bing” 409 new likes in less than a month!Hey, I’m no “Lady Gaga” when it comes to Facebook Likes, but I still see too many pages with only a handful of likes. Not good. A prospect sees that and wonders… “Hmm, why do only 50 people like this?”

But why else should you care about likes? I know, I agree “Likes are Not Leads” and they shouldn’t be treated like leads. But they are worth something. When anyone takes just the first little step toward your school – you just never know where it can lead.

Yes, you have to get active and post. You have to nurture your likes a little. I always tell people…

“If you have 10 Facebook Likes on your page, so what, pretend you have 10,000 – what would you do with 10,000?”


The strategy…

Basically you have to drive traffic to you page. DUH!

But it is not just about buying an ad on Facebook to encourage likes. No way.

What you do is a run an ad and drive them to a Facebook Landing page. That’s a page right on Facebook that sorta models a flier in print or a squeeze page online.

You have to target the landing page toward a certain demographic. If it is for your “Fitness Kickboxing” program you target it toward women who are interested in fitness.

The good news…

You get Likes and you can also get calls too!. Why?

Because your landing page makes a specific offer.

Make sense?

Yea – I know you’re over-whelmed always so much to do and think about.

Well, as Axl Rose said, “Welcome to the Jungle!”

I hope you’ll use this idea.

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