6 Martial Arts Marketing Magic Bullets

Whether you’d look at these 6 as “Magic Bullets” or not – the truth is when you work them – they work like magic.

Take a look below and then let all of your marketing flow from these 6.

(as side note – some of you may get another email from me out-lining these 6 in more detail)

anyway– here they are…

If you do several variations of these 6 each month you can’t help but bring in a steady flow of new students…

When you look at your schools new student marketing engine the more “cylinders” you have powering it the faster you’ll reach your goals.

Here are the 6 cylinders…

1- Lead generating internal special events. Nothing you haven’t heard before I’m sure but there are ways to make these pump out referrals every time

2- Lead generating external special events totally focused on “non-members.” Just remember, educational, and fun.

3- Direct Mail to your own accumulated list and a “cold farming list.”

4- Internet Marketing

5- Publicity –  Key thing to remember: No, you don’t need some PR firm.

6- Other forms of print.  This still works in the right publications.

Every time we produce our marketing plans and the ones we share with our Martial Arts Business System Gold members we always have muti-prong approaches to hit all these angles.

What’ll bring you in a constant flow of students each month is 2 things…

doing a bunch of this stuff  and 2.. doing it right.

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