7 ways to enhance your martial arts business internet marketing

Yesterday I had a conversation with a school owner in the UK about his web marketing.

You hear the term “leaving students on the table” every so often.

Maybe some martial arts  business guru is talking about how just one or two tweaks can really increase results.

I’ll tell you…

It really hits home when you actually see it in action. This guy was leaving students on the table.

He had some ideas on what he wanted to do online, but never any real clear direction of “what” – “how” – or even “why” these concepts should be put in place.

Here are few things we discussed and the take-aways for you…

On your  martial arts marketing website…

  1. On your home page you need an offer for a trial top-right above the fold.
  2. You need specific lead capture forms on each page. So kids get a different form than adults do.
  3. You must have seperate auto-pilot follow up emails for each program.
  4. Squeeze Pages – Done correctly and optimized they can capture more leads for you.
  5. Blog – gotta do it and it needs to LOOK like your website and be part of your website.
  6. Trial capture and capture for complimentary video course and reports on the blog. Video courses are great because they help you build rapport with a prospect without spending your time.
  7. When appropriate collect complete info from a prospect including, physical address and mobile number.

OK– there you have it – 7 ways to “Crush It” online.

If you want better web marketing results or just need some direction and help navigating through all of the conflicting info out there give me ring.