More cookie cutter martial arts marketing website danger

OK– so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and exercise my right to freee speech.

No- I’m not doing any product comparisons or anything like that either.

Here’s what happened…

Yesterday I was speaking with a long-time MA Biz System Gold member who wanted to talk to me about doing her web marketing.

(she got started too– which was great)

but she wanted me to take a look at a site (I guess one that another company pointed her to as a sample)

when I got there– I said– “wait– I know who this is – It’s (blank’s) website right?”

She said, “No, it’s (blank’s) site!” “OH!” was my response.

Then– I realized I was looking at the “cookie cutter method”

There are major pitfalls and traps waiting for you when you go the cookie-cutter route.

So I put a video together warning you of some of the dangers!

If you are using a cookie cutter site done for you by someone else or using one these— “do it yourself” platforms or even if you’re anti-cookie cutter like me you’ll want to check this out.

Check out the vid only if you’re interested in becoming better at marketing your school online.

Take a look…

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