a sometimes dirty word among martial arts business gurus

In some martial arts business guru circles there’s a dirty word associated with success and achievement.

Let’s be right up front: The dirty word of success that’s often kept on the hush is work.

Outside of the martial arts world there are a lot of books and speakers out there who dance around the issue of work. Funny, there was a guy who worked real hard to make a book called “The Four Hour Work Week” a New York Times bestseller. I give Tim Ferris much respect and “props.” But do you think he eats his own cooking? I’m sure on some weeks it takes him at least six hours just to travel to and from a speaking engagement – makes you wonder huh?


If you want a good marriage what do you have to do? Right, work at it. If you want your teenager to stay off drugs it takes work. If you want to build your school in our tough economy what it takes is work.

And then, the facts-

Go ask anyone (Lottery winners and rich socialites like Paris Hilton aside) who has achieved any sort of financial success and they’ll tell you something like this…

“I worked hard, I worked smart, I worked effectively, I worked with the help of a team and my family for every penny. Most importantly,  I worked hard to keep it. I worked hard to protect it from the two legged meat eating sharks who actually want to destroy me because they think I didn’t work hard for what I’ve earned.” Basically, what they’ll tell you is they worked hard for any career, business, family, personal and financial success they achieved.

Don’t get confused though…

You don’t have to do all the work yourself.

I loved this quote by Wally “Famous” Amos…

“The only thing you can do by yourself is fail.” Surround yourself with good people and resources.

One of the best things you can do now to work more efficiently is save time.

Getting others to do “work” for you is still “work” on your part – it’s just smart work.

Don’t rack your brain on dreaming up marketing plans.

Don’t waste your time trying to figure out “what to say” in your ads on your website.

There are shortcuts (good shortcuts) you can use to make life easier so you can “work” on what’s most important to you…

Connecting with your students – getting out in the public and being your school’s shameless self-promoter.

Anyway – In the Spirit of Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. I figured why not talk about work.

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