Are Group Intros Good For Your Martial Arts Business

So for the past week or so our little martial arts marketing and business text message chat-room has been pretty chatty.

There’s been a lot of stuff discussed.

But I decided to take a few of the topics and “think about” them a little more.

Here’s one…

Group Intros and Martial Arts Marketing

Group Intro Lessons happen in a few different ways…

Some do them as a standing time slot each week. So every inquire is simply funneled to the group intro lesson.  And

BTW– a warning…

It is in my humble opinion through testing that making your “beginner class” an option for the group intro is a huge mistake.

Group Intros also can happen when you drive leads from a special event or some community program to a set day.

And in some cases they come in the form of “graduations” after some sort of outreach program.

I’m gonna say Group Intros are Good – But– there’s always a but…

Yours Truly has been hearing a lot of griping and moaning about the fact that only a small percentage of Group Intro participants are enrolling. And this is even after a great session and a super wiz-bang offer.

So what’s the problem??

The problem is the fact that “selling” to a group of people is an art and a science.

And for this reason I don’t recommend anyone actually try to “sell” their classes during a group intro.

In fact—when you go the route I suggest (not selling) you actually choose “the path of least resistance.”

There’s a way to do this and there’s a way not to do this.  What I have found was just by choosing  words carefully andfollowing a simple process you can actually get 8 out of 10 people in the crowd to come back in and be totally receptive to joining your school.

I have also found the complaints go down. Meaning –  Just picture it…

You do some sort of “school program” or “fundraiser”  or teach at some Daycare.

You make your “pitch” to enroll at a discount after the group intro.

Not many people sign up and the following week you get a call from the organization you worked with and they tell you some body called bitching saying…

“I went to that graduation thing and they tried to sell me lessons!”

Yea– not good!

Anyway–  something to think about.

Something else…

I’ve put together some audios that go into the details on making group intros work.

Plus, I’m doing some 20 minute one on one “coaching calls” with some folks on this topic.

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