Bad Martial Arts Business Advice

So the other day a school owner on our email list forwarded me an email from another “Martial Arts Business Consultant.”

I don’t know the guy personally but I did send him an email letting him know that I would be “rebutting” his email.

The truth is I am not critic. As matter fact years ago when I heard Zig Ziglar say: “There has never been a statue dedicated to a critic” that pretty much shaped my opinion of critics.

At the very most I criticize the performance and not the performer.


This guy was saying how “Direct Marketing does not work for martial arts schools.”

At the very least this is too general of a statement. At the very worst this is BAD ADVICE.

Before I get into the details I will ask…

So what does work for your martial arts business?

“In-Direct Marketing?” – LOL

Seriously, What Works? “Image Marketing” – “Branding?”

Of course the truth is a lot of marketing can work for your martial arts school…

  • Expert Positioning
  • Effective Internet Marketing
  • Events
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Working in the Community with Organizations and  Schools
  • Fundraisers for Charities

The list is really long and yes – it does include “Direct Marketing.”

Direct Marketing is simply going right to the end prospect with your message.

Going to them with compelling offers, benefits and deadlines.

This Martial Arts Business guy talked about how he did a “Money Mailer” promo to 90,000 homes and only got 3 calls.

By the tone of his email that was it for him. He was convinced “Direct Marketing does not work.”

To be fair, those are the only details he shared.

But there are several flaws using the above example to come to a conclusion that “Direct Marketing Does Not Work for Martial Arts Schools.”

And he is missing many facts, but spewing advice to (possibly) school owners who are less informed than he on the subject. The blind leading the blind if you will.

There are numerous reasons NOT to mail to 90,000 homes.

The main reason is a fundamental direct marketing principle called “The Who.”

His major mistake here was “list selection.” 90,000 is really too many un-qualified people.

Second mistake was delivery. Again, I am not sure about “Money Mailer” but I have used Val Pak. When I used Val-Pak I got it to work because I went in with low expectations. The truth is how Val-Pak is delivered is another violation of a good direct marketing.

Anyway, if you want to know more about direct marketing than this martial arts business guy does I invite you to watch this complimentary webinar…

Direct Marketing for Your Martial Arts School