bad reviews for your martial arts business

You’re gonna question my sanity…

The truth is “Bad Reviews”  for your martial arts business are not that bad.

Why? Because they bring an element if truth to the online marketing game.

We live in a world of extreme skepticism. And believe it or not people become skeptical if all you have are “perfect” reviews.

Take one of my books for example. “Motion Before Motivation, The Success Secret That Never Fails”

It’s got 21 reviews total. 17 are “5 star” – 2 are “4 Star” and 2 are “1 star”

You can’t just leave the bad reviews hanging. The way to combat them is to blow them away with Good Reviews.

This is where most fall down.

You’ll discover a large percentage of your good reviews will have to come from you gently asking for them.

The truth is this is no different than asking for testimonials. But the key is you have to get them in writing and then they MUST be posted by the person giving the review.

So it is not as simple as grabbing a video testimonial or a written one and popping it up on your website.

But that is where it starts.

And that begs the question…

How to most efficiently get testimonials.

A couple of ways…

  1. For video – it is just a matter of timing and capturing the moment when you are getting a compliment.
  2. Written can be done in two ways…

    a- You transcribe the video

    b- You use a little secret. Here’s the secret…

You should be effecting positive results. When you engineer your program properly a student (adult or child) can see some sort of results in about 2 or 3 weeks of training.

What you do is schedule an email that goes out (sample email below for members) around the 17 day mark.

The email is written in a way that makes it easy for them to give you a written testimonial.

Once you implement this system you’ll be amazed at how fast testimonials start flying your way.

Once you get them you have to take the next step. This step requires a little more persistence.

Here’s why…

Everyone has their “review service” of choice. Some like Yelp! Others, Google. Some are willing to do a Bing or Yahoo local review.

As tempting as it can be you want to avoid letting them give their review from your school’s computer. Too may reviews from the same IP address can raise a red flag.

Anyway– stay on them after you get a glowing testimonial in response to your email. A good percentage will turn into reviews you can take to the bank.

Members: Check your member only email for the sample.

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