Birthday Parties

Martial Arts Business and Karate School Marketing Ideas How to Use Birthday Parties to Grow Your Business

There are three easy but often overlooked steps that will virtually guarantee new students from every birthday party you host in your martial arts business. If you miss one of these, yeah your parties will flop. So let’s start with number one.

The first step in actually getting students from the party is all found inside the RSVP and it’s funny. I was talking to a new member today who mentioned the system and he said, I thought it was really cool that attendees RSVP to the school and not the birthday party family.

Why Do Birthday Parties in Your Martial Arts Business

I mean we’ve heard that they are a great service for your students and they can generate revenue but more importantly, you are going to make sure you are looking at the big picture. Birthday parties can generate new students and members to your martial arts business and that’s what we are going to talk about. Remember! You do birthday parties in your martial arts school business to get new students. When you’re just starting your martial arts business or you have a goal to get a consistent flow of new members I recommend you do them for FREE.

I study a lot of marketers and direct marketers and I found this guy in the restaurant industry who was really good at filling up restaurants with patrons and he literally taught just like I do with other school owners, he taught other restaurant owners how to fill up their restaurants and one of his systems was a birthday system and you know, when I’ve dug deeper to figure out why he does this, you know, the main thing was nobody celebrates their birthday alone.

So obviously for a restaurant, that makes a lot of sense. Someone comes in to celebrate their birthday and they bring 3, 4, 5 who knows how many people with them. Now some of the breakthroughs come from outside of the industry or in. The best breakthroughs for you will come from other industries not even related to the martial arts business. That’s one thing I do on a constant and never ending basis is look at other industries and see how these things apply. So when I thought about it like that, huh! Nobody celebrates their birthday alone, and in the past, I charged for birthdays $149, the instructor gets $75, the school gets $75. And these can work out great – but if you want to get booked with parties you’re going to have to do some marketing in your martial arts business of these parties.

That’s actually a whole another call how to actually market paid birthday parties and it could be done but what I am going to encourage you to do are free birthday parties in your martial arts business. Now, here is why you should do birthday parties in your martial arts business for free. Keeping in mind no one celebrates their birthday alone reminds you of how the best way to meet the friends of your martial arts students and grow your martial arts business is allow them to celebrate their birthday with you. There is no other martial arts marketing out there that can help you reach friends of students that quickly and efficiently.

Another reason to the birthday parties as part of your martial arts business marketing for free is because you can really add some value to your school. What I mean is members will appreciate being able to have a top-notch party as an inclusive part of their program.

After a new student enrolls you can then tell them about your free martial arts birthday party. Many will book their party within the first week of enrolling in your school.

Martial Arts Business Birthday Party Marketing Success Tip 1:

Get them to RSVP to you!

It is very important to the success of your birthday party marketing to require guests to RSVP to you.

How you do this is by giving the birthday student invitation to fill in. On the invitations you instruct the potential guest to RSVP by calling your school or by going to a special website.

Then – you let your student know you will keep track of their RSVP’s. We don’t want to have to fight with people to get the addresses and names of their guests.

If they RSVP online the form will capture everything.

If they call into RSVP we will simply pre-frame them to “look”for the permission slip when they show up. And nine out of ten times they will show up on time and not resist the permission slip.

By providing your students with the invitations and then collecting their RSVP’s they love you because you’re helping them put the party together.

The call will go something like this… “Hey I am calling to RSVP for Joey’s party.”
Oh! Okay Joey’s party. That’s coming up on Saturday, April – 25th,

Okay, great. Okay, you will be at Joey’s party he’ll be happy to hear that. Your name is?. Marie. Great Marie our martial arts school is located at 123 Main Street Martial Arts Business Lane and it’s right there on the card for you. I am going to mark you in,

Two important things (and now she is listening). We need you to be on time because it is a planned party. (You’d be amazed just from that sentence, the rates went up of people actually showing up on time.) Why do you want them here on time because it’s the planned party. So maybe 5 or 10 minutes early is plenty but just be on time and then, when you come in, what I need you to do Marie is look for a permission slip. The slip allows your child to participate in all of the activities. (Those are key words, look for a permission slip).

The easiest way to ensure you collect all the names of the guests is with the above script. No need for any gimmicks or having to force them to give you this info. You have to collect this info if you want to able to do future marketing to these leads. This step is key for building you martial arts business using special events. An easy step to collect all info without dealing with phone calls is to allow for RSVP’s on your martial arts business website. In this case you just create a page… Your Martial Arts Marketing Website DotCom/RSVP

All of the next steps in our martial arts business marketing birthday party system take place during the party. We will give you a basic over-view and then the rest of this article is the transcript of recorded training on the subject of martial arts business marketing using birthday parties.

1) You or a trained individual must conduct the party.
2) You must check in all guests to confirm complete info on the permission slips.
3) Your trained staff must conduct a fun and professional party that makes both kids and adults want to come back.
4) You must carefully follow the script to invite guests back to your martial arts business the following week.
Now here is a next step, how you get all the information. You need to have somebody obviously manning that. Sometimes, you will employ and I pay them, but you will employ the parents or one of the parents to help you out who is doing the party and they want to help you. You know why, they got a free party. It’s a Law of Reciprocity. They want to help you as much as they can because you know what, you just saved them $150 or $200 bucks and a bunch of aggravation.

Now they show up to your martial arts school.

Now the next thing I do which is a very subtle subconscious, persuasive technique and I trained my staff on this. I don’t have to do it anymore. When I am doing the trainings for staff members, even my clients, I will train them and I will tell them this is so important when you do this system. You have to hold the clipboard out and you have to hold it up in one hand, then you have to take your other hand and kind of gently grace it down the paper and say, okay, Sally, great to meet you. Do me a favor. Go ahead and fill this out completely and as I say fill this out completely, my hands gently go down the paper and subconsciously what that does to them, it triggers them to realize he wants me to fill this whole thing up and when you look at it, you never believe but 90% of them – 95% of them will be completely filled out names, addresses, phone numbers, child name, child date of birth. Guess why you want that? Let them have a free birthday party bringing twenty friends. It’s amazing. So they will fill that out completely and then Junior will go and hang out in the mat for little and you just kind of check everybody in.

So one key step was the RSVP. The system has all these legs and if you take one leg off, it doesn’t stand right. The next step is the invitation which you guys all got is a little free sample. Now, say that invitation again, no frills too. I mean, some of my clients, they are taking that to their designer and they have ballooned, you know, made it even more fancy and more fun but I found that invitation works fine. It’s the concept, the principle.

Another cool way, now here is the other thing, you can take the calls on the RSVP, that’s real convenient and you can do that and then, if you are using an event manager, you can now have a backslash page or you have the link for your event manager okay you know, your web form or whatever it is, but you can use the event manager thing and they will go to that special link and they will fill out their information and you know, some very simple wording. It’s basically the same wording that we use when we have the permission slip right online, you can actually do that too and they click and they agree that hey, when kids get together, there is always a chance that they run into each other.

Okay, so it’s really important. So those, like step number one, step number two and then the last piece of that puzzle, okay we said invite, we said invitation, physical invitation. Here is the other thing. You don’t mail them out. You don’t mail the invitations out. You don’t want their mailing list. You want the people that are going to show up. That’s all you want because when the 20 people show up, guess what, all 20 are not going to enroll any way and this is the way it is. That’s why I said, just one, just 48 new students this year and I just very conservatively said just one but you get 20 people to show up, all 20 are not enrolled in right away any way. So then, you will get and when you go through the system, you will have another certain percentage that I will take you up on this offer that I am going to go through and then you will have another certain percentage that actually will enroll and you can actually get more than one. I just like to be very conservative in my promises but I’ve experienced sometimes 3 and 4 and 5 students in one party. You know this is really cool.

So I am going to get that permission slip, I am going to basically hold that for a couple of days. Now, I am not going to sit here and say, all right, now the party starts. What I need you to do now is play the _____ game and then after that, you are going to play the Run and Touchpad game. You know, I am not going to sit here and rattle off all these drills. We’ve all forgotten more drills than we probably know. So but here is the feel. Well, if you want to structure here, I am going to give you a basic outline of the party. You plug it in to the best class – with the best classrooms really that you enjoy and you know resonate with that age group because your party – the structure of your party it’s really 2 hours max and it’s going to be basically games, games, food games, gifts, cake and then especially the invite back.

Let’s say the party starts at 2. Well it isn’t till about 10 after 2 that you actually walk on to the map and by the way, what I just talked about getting registrations through your event manager, getting registration through that permission flip, you collected all that without any pressure. That was bullet number 2 by the way on that email.

Okay, now any way, getting back to the structure of the party, all right. So the party is scheduled from 2:00 to 4:00 on a Saturday. It’s probably 10 after 2 or some before you walk out on the mat, you’ve gotten all the permissions slips done, you’ve gotten all the database ____ by the registered through your online way, your online form or your event manager. All that said, you got to – you may be printed those out and put them in a little pile because sometimes I’d like to work even though I live a lot in the virtual world, I’d like to make sure I have paper trials and certain things as well. So now, I can put those in a stack and now you or your instructor hopefully down the road, somebody else not you or your instructor, but another person who is in charge of your birthday parties or multiple is going to go out and start the party.

Now again, I am not going to go through the details of what you are going to do, but at that point in time, one thing you are not going to do is a big intro. Your party has got to be really fun. There has got to be music playing, there’s going to be people bouncing and jumping and it’s got to be a party. You know, that’s the key. It really does have to be a birthday party. It has to be really fun and you don’t want – you know again, people sometimes, they overdo it on the whole respect thing and you know, just have a party. You know, again, if you can talk about yes sir and no sir and yes ma’am and focus your eyes, but you got to minimize that stuff and you got to make your party fun, valuable and you got to get them – the kids talking about that party and all the fun, cool games you did. You can easily relate them to the respect and the values of martial arts but get it out of your head that you had to lead with that. You have to lead with entertainment. That’s the key okay, if you want people to come back.

All right, now, so again you are going to probably do. It’s 10 after 2. You got them an 1 and 50 minutes that you have to occupy. First thing you do is, get all their attention with like the best theme you got. Come out, swing it. Okay, come out with your knockout punch because you – and thenleave the knockout punch till the end too. So you are going to start with your knockout punch game, you are going to end with your knockout punch game. So you are going to do that. You know, it’s all about maybe 2:30 or something like that. Then, you know again you can play around with the structure. Then, for like 5 minutes or so, you might highlight on the birthday kid and they can break a board or something you want to do that’s congruent to what you do in your school and then usually by that time, they are all sweaty. It’s 2:45 and Pizza has arrived.

So you will probably do about 15 minutes of eating, 5 minutes of digestion. Maybe you are talking to kids in a little circle. This is where you can maybe take 2 minutes and have a little bit of value character development type thing but not too much and then you got – it’s more or so let’s get ready for the next game and then after that, I mean, we use the bounce around thing where you blow it up and we had ten foot ceilings and I know, some time to do that as well and that occupies some time and they love that. They are all bouncing around.

So again, I am just giving you a basic structure. All right. So now let’s – 3 o’ clock. They are playing on the game for 3:10. You do another game till probably 3:20 and then you are going to have cake and you have your birthday and yes, and that’s going to take you till about 3:40 and you got to watch the clock because now it’s getting down to the wire. You got to end strong. So now after all the gifts are done, this is not an exact science, all the gifts are done and all these other good stuff, cake is done. They didn’t eat too much or they don’t throw up on your mats or anything. You’d bring them out and you got to kind of go get them with your knockout punch.

Okay, so you go again with your knockout punch and you know, the bulk of the time I am going to be sharing with you today is really going to be about the words you use to get them back on the file and you know, to your school now. So you end with that knockout game. Then that brings you to the next step which is very critical but let me just kind of glance over at my screen because I am a believer in truth and advertising, okay. So now let’s just kind of leave it as you are finishing with your knockout punch on the physical side of things.

Then, all the students at the party – all the kids at the party are going to sit down, okay and they are going to chill out for a minute and you got like 5 minutes left but you can justify anything at like 3:55. It’s free, you remember. So if you want to _____ you could because it’s free but if you want to go little _____ over, that’s fine too. I have had staff members that actually did that. I think why are you going overtime? Just end it on time, all right. So how to book yourself solid all right throughout the whole year? Here is the deal. You just – you go out to your student days, you send out an email, you do all these different things and you know, maybe _____ out and you are saying, we have actually sales letters that we use and we actually also I’d encourage with the tougher time is in the fact that school owners got to hustle little more. Some of my clients are offering free birthdays to nonmembers and they have these websites set up that are key worded looking for a birthday party in kiddy blank area, kids birthday party. So now they are like dominating internet and they have this little sales letter online and they got to have the thing on there to collect the leads.

So you can go crazy with this. I mean the more birthday parties you set and you follow the system, the more students you end up getting. So there is all different ways but if you want to book yourself solid just within your student base and you want to charge everybody else, that’s fine too but ____ way you do that is you get on to the classroom towards the end of the class but when you make your announcements, you get on your ____- box or whatever you do and you say, the kid’s classroom of course you are saying, everyone out there, hey, who in here has a birthday coming up in the next year? And everybody raises their hand.I do, I have a birthday coming up in the next year. So I am ____ get in there first and everybody laughs, you are so funny.

. Free birthday parties for all of you guys. “What, no way”. And it’s like drinks are on the house and ____ happy. Free birthday parties for all of you guys but here is the deal. You got to book it now. I don’t care if your birthday is 12 months from now or you just had one and it is not coming up until 12 months or it’s 3 months from now or in 8 months from now. What you do is you go with your staff and you block out all the times that are available and you pull out the calendar. _____ two days, you do two on one part, do two parties on one day. I’d even had students combine party sometimes and bring more people. Great, sounds like a plan to me. All right. That’s it. That’s how you book yourself solid with birthday parties. It’s so simple.

All right, now, you have the day now and you do like to send an email out. You do that. In one of my sequences in the Auto Responder sequence from my new students, part of the new student campaign, it says, by the way, I want to remind you all of our students get free birthday parties. Do me a favor. Reply to this email and let me know when you might want to have that but parties on basically on Auto pilot. So it’s very easy to book yourself. Now here is the thing. I mean, it could burn you out. That’s why I encourage sharing this with somebody and letting them – training them and I will tell you how to do that in a second. But that’s how you book yourself solid with birthday parties throughout the whole year as you just say. Who has a birthday coming up in the next year and everybody raises their hand and you just say, all right. We are having free parties.

All right, so now I want to come back to the last ten minutes of the party because that’s so important. All right, so we talked about how to book yourself solid, all year you can run it, you can do it. I mean, you can run lead generation ads in the back of your local newspaper. Free kids birthday parties, I mean go to this website. I mean, for anyone that could do actually with using this kind of system and actually really working it, I wouldn’t rely on this 100% for all my students but I’ve seen that where it can be a bulk of the enrollments for that month, it’s really that powerful. Again it is some work and you have to solve this. It’s like watching this TV show like Emerald, there you go, the Bam guy right and he gives you this recipe. You know, but you got to follow it exactly or else it is not going to taste anywhere near like Emerald or Rachael Ray. I don’t know whoever is that, the famous cook. I think you got to follow it exactly but it is really powerful. Now, I already talked about basic party structures that make your parties fun.

Again, ______ goes through play this game and here is how you do that. You really just got to chunk it out, come out with your knockout punch in the beginning and with your knockout punch and you just have that skeleton and some people _____ with your personality but remember entertain them, it’s got to be fun, all right. Now, real quickly before we come back to the end of the party which is so crucial to the system and there is some words in that you want to listen to and write down, okay. It’s so important. Before I get to that how to get your birthday party system to run on autopilot without you.

All right, I mentioned it actually. I talked about using things like event manager, using the internet. You know, I don’t know how much goes without you but the key to getting to run on auto pilot is to train somebody. I don’t care – I mean there has probably been cut off age with your younger teenager students or whatever and you are going to make sure whoever you train on this is responsible because you don’t want to be off enjoying a weekend with your family and at the last minute, someone calls you and tells, oh Mr. Smith, Remember that party you have been scheduled to do tomorrow as the host, well guess what, I can’t do that and you are like, what! So you have to be sure and here is what I do. Whenever I knew that I have had like three or four people on the bench, I would turn up the fosit. I would just open it up wide and just start looking parties like crazy because I knew some are better than others, some are more reliable than others and if this guy didn’t do it, he is going to step in. Now here is the deal. You got to pay these people, okay. You know, if you want them to last, you got to pay them. Here is the pay structure to get it to work to get it on all our pilot. You can go as low as $25 or $30 just for the party, just to host it.

Okay, so it’s a 17-year old or 18-year old or even it could be just a guy you know who would rather do this and loves _____ on the weekend to make some money for himself. I had people like that too. Guys who are in their 30s I would teach part time for me and you know, instead of going out and doing something else for extra money, they would love martial arts. So they get 30 bucks straight up just to do the party and again, we are trained on this whole system too and now with anybody enrolled as a direct result of party, I am going to give you the how to’s on that and _____ script I actually use. If anybody enrolled as a direct result of the party, I don’t care if it was a month from now, two days from now or a year from now, if they look at _____ on the floor and even if it’s right away, it’s easy to track. Hi-Fi _____ arrange your party awesome, here is your 50 bucks. So in my case, I was getting $369 now on the first transaction. I will pay $80 out all day long. So when I mean $80, I mean, $30 for just doing the party, $50 as the commission for the person to enroll. That’s how you get to run on all the pile. You won’t run on all the pile if you’re cheap. The more you pay the better, believe it or not, the more motivated they will be. You know, I mean, this is the way it is. I don’t tell you they are not interested in money. They are still interested in money. So 30 and 50, so someone can make $80. So managing a 17-year-old or 18-year-old kid or even the guy who loves to do martial arts and wants to pick up a few extra bucks for his family, $80 for 2 hours, do having fun teaching martial arts, doing something they would do anyway for free. Yeah, they are interested. That’s how you get people to do this on auto pile. You got to pay them. All right. So you got to pay them for their time, well even if the party isn’t done and it has happened before. Like I said, it’s the law of averages. I mean, there are some parties where you end up with no students at all. It’s just a numbers game and then some parties will get four and it all evens out but so I’d gladly pay that guy $50 ahead if I got four ______ 369, I am happy to give him an extra $200 you know for two hours on a Saturday. I will do that all day long. So you got to pay these people if you want to run an autopilot and then you got to train them and you got to constantly train them and I want to give you again the end of the party steps but I will just give us an example of how you got to constantly inspect what you expect. Let me take a sip of water here. You got to be sure that ______. I have these two people running parties and I said, if one guy’s name was Jason, and one guy’s name was Mike and I said, you know, Mike, why is it that Jason has over the last like four parties consistently gotten like two enrollments from the party and you haven’t gotten any. What happened in here? Jeez, hell no. I said, well, tell me how you are doing in the end of the party and he told me how I was doing and I said, oh, no, no. I am not like the best manager in the world. No, no, no, no, no, no.

Let’s go over again and he fixed it and guess what, the next party he did, he had an enrollment from the party. So it’s so crucial that you have to look at the numbers. The numbers don’t lie. Now again, the first two or three parties, it’s going to be like a garden. It’s going to take some time to get good at it.

Now here is the end of the party. This is what I was telling you didn’t want to miss. You know, the party is so important. So it’s about 3:45 now. Party ends at 4 or 3:50 or something like that. Party ends at 4. You did ______ your last come out swing and knockout punch game thereby is all jazzed up and excited you know. And you, everyone is sitting now, and you say, I don’t care if these parents are there or not, didn’t matter okay. It doesn’t matter if the parents are there. This is really the kids. You are going to use the nag effect. The nag effect is something I often speak about and talk about in my marketing coaching and it works for us or against us as Martial art school owners. The Nag effect can either be, I don’t want to go to class any more. No I keep telling you, I don’t want to go any more. That’s the nag effect ______ gives us because eventually parents give it. All right or the other one of nag effect of I want to do this, I want to go. You have to use the nag effect either way and hopefully use it in your favor. Now, here is what happens. At the other party, say you got 20 kids there and you pull off the birthday party and he takes a birthday boy or girl and they give a bow. Let’s give another big hand, all right. Great, awesome. And of course, I am not going to do this as if it was live but so, everyone came to your party. You are really Joey. Yes sir, okay, everybody have a good time. Everybody say yes, sir. You are coaching them on doing that to get some positive Yes’s going. All right, who will have a lot of fun, who will enjoy all the games. Everybody saying, me sir, me sir, okay awesome.

Now, everybody here. I will just pretend the birthday boy is our favorite student Johnny. Everybody here gave Johnny a gift almost what you did but everybody gave Johnny a gift and I know Johnny is really appreciative of that and just like what he went around, he is actually ____ only took a bow and Johnny is never going to forget that. Are you Johnny? No sir, I am never going to forget that. You know, that says all. So you know, good spirit, good character. Now, but let me ask you guys this. You gave Johnny gifts, you gave Johnny a lot of gifts but do you guys like gifts too? Yes sir, really, all raise their hands. Of course, we like gifts sir. And you are again, I am like asking questions I already know the answer to. Well, I will tell you what. Johnny and I, we have the gifts for you if you all want to know what it is, any anticipation I am creating. Who wants to know what it is? I do, I do, I do. Okay all right. You can pull off this piece of paper which is another step in the process and you say, and this is – this has to be done correctly. The right words have to be on it. This is a special invitation and you see the top, it says, special invitation for Johnny’s friends. You guys are all Johnny’s friends right? Yes sir. Okay. You got to get to comeback _____ again I am talking now ____ time now. Probably it’s Monday. That’s when it really should be. You guys get to come back on Monday at 6:30. Now, you should feel like, Oh my god, I teach classes at 6:30 on Monday. I got to just figure out a time when you are scheduled that’s convenient. You need to have this in place. It’s so important. And if you don’t have a time when you are scheduled, make one. You guys get to come back Monday at 6:30 and do a special class. Now, we have a lot of crazy fun today but the next class, we are going to learn some more martial arts. I want to show you XYZ wherever your XYZ is and I want to show you how you are going to actually earn your first belt. Who thinks they are being really cool. Say Me sir, Me sir, okay. Now, here is a special time. Everybody say, Monday, Monday 6:30. Where I am, right here. All right. I will see you guys then. You know, take this home and you are going to put it on your refrigerator. Make sure you tell your parents that you want to do this and come back. Okay, you know, I have heard before come back and get your photo and your picture. You know, it is just too much work. I ____ this to be so much easier. Just come back and I just make a big deal that your special class is only for joining students. ______ worry about photos and you know, we are going to cut the cake with a sword, if you want to do all that, that’s great. If you want to take a picture of each kid, that’s ____ deal but I have heard all that and I’ve tried it all and this is what I found to be the best. So now, at the end of the party, you are going to basically – on the way out, when the kids are leaving, you are, “Here is that invitation I was telling you about Johnny”. I ____ Johnny how we get to come back. Here is an invitation I was telling you about Billy? Oh what’s this? Oh, we get to come back and they are just over and over and over and over and _____ these things out and it gets very important that these things get handed out but the overall announcement and the excitement was given and sometimes, what’s really cool is some of the parents are coming in to pick up at the end of that. So they hear all the positive things, you can throw in another, hey, what are the four laws of focus if you want at that point in time. You know, that’s pretty much now. Now, here is the next step. Those are the magic words at the end. Now, we are going to wrap up here as we are coming down the wire but now the next step is actually all show up, Monday.

My rule and they show up on Mondays, I don’t sell them anything. I don’t say, hey, you get to try it for $99, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah because I don’t want people saying yeah, I did that birthday thing and then I went back for that special day and he tried to sell me a membership. I don’t want any of that. What I do and what my clients have found success with. On that particular day they come back and they do another awesome lesson. Now it’s more martial arts related and now all the parents are actually watching because they have been hearing about this since Saturday and then they left the party that they got to go back Monday. Now, rewind a little bit. Monday morning, when you walk in, you call those people.

“Hey, this is Mike from XYZ in Martial arts and you guys are at a party here over the weekend and I just want to make sure that Joey had a great time. You are starring right at the printouts you got his name. I just want to make sure that Joey had a good time there, we can go well. Oh yeah, he really enjoyed it. Hey by the way, we have that special class tonight. It’s 6:30. For all the Joey’s friends, it’s only about 20 or 30 minutes of your time and you know, I got some RSVPs from some other people and I wasn’t sure if you guys are going to make that. Just checking.” And they say… “Oh yeah, we are going to be there” or they might tell you they can not make it. You can invite them in another time. “Okay, I’d hate to have you miss out on that. We can do this later in the week Thursday or Friday and then, you are just scheduling for just a basic intro really. Oh, I can do that. I can reschedule. Absolutely, I don’t want to see you miss out on it and then, sometimes, it goes through the whole thing of, oh, we are not really interested right now. Hey, no problems. Great to have you as a guest. And now, you get their names or email address, all that good stuff. Now we even have a sequence where we put them into like a special event, sequence and they an email saying, hey, it’s great to have you as our guest recently.

So that’s all those things you can think about. But any way, so let’s just say now, 20 show at the party, 10 show up for your special day. You do an awesome intro class and you basically as you got all the audience _____ is, after the end of the intro class, you show them how they are going to get to next belt.

When addressing all the parents, you say listen, we all have lot of fun today right? Yes sir. Okay great. Listen, moms and dads, whenever I do things like this and have kids come back from one of the parties and do this special class, I really enjoy doing it. It’s part of the birthday party program that we have here. And I get a lot of questions from parents. They want to know certain things about hours and schedules and tuition and all that kind of stuff and I think those are all valid questions and I want to answer those for you. However, I can’t answer them to night because as you can see, we have our next class getting ready to start but as a courtesy to you, few words, magic words, as a courtesy to you, I am arranged to where you guys can get one more personal visit where you can ask some of your questions. We will answer them and we will get to know you a little bit better and we will give Joey a chance to go for his first foul. Now this is why your program director is Joe Smith. Just go ahead and see Mr. Joe at the frotn desk or _____ you. Just go ahead and meet me over the fun desk and we will go ahead and pencil you in for that. That is the first come first serve basis and there is some limited times available for later this week or early next week. All right. “bow-courtesy”, great having you guys. I will be over here, all right and then, you don’t get 10 out of 10 to show up and make an appointment to see you. That’s when you enroll. You don’t enroll them that day when they show back up.

So you get 10 out of 10 to make an appointment and then from there, your normal show ratios will come into effect. So if your normal show ratio is 7 out of 10 or 8 out of 10 intros sign up those same numbers will apply to your martial arts marketing birthday party system.

After this you meet them one on one and enroll them in your martial arts school.

Best of Luck!