5 Reasons Why Schools Fail

Timely Audio Recording Reveals 5 Reasons Why Schools Fail & The 5 Secrets to Massive Martial Arts Business Success…

In this audio I’m speaking with an industry veteran with 40 + years experience in the martial arts…
You’ll learn…
  • The 5 Reasons Why Schools Fail
  • The 5 Reasons Why Schools Succeed
  • What Leads to Burn Out & Failure
  • How to Quickly Profit From New Information
  • What Martial Arts Instructors Must Learn on a Regular Basis
  • How Chasing Fads Can Cause You To Fail
  • How to Structure Your School’s Key Business Systems
  • The Big 3 of Your Martial Arts Business
  • The Major Mistake Made in One Area That Can Make or Break Your School
  • The “Package Deal” of The Martial Arts Business
  • How Pop Culture Influences The Martial Arts & How to Take Advantage of It
  • Why Selling “Character Development” the Wrong Way Can Hurt Your School
  • The One Key Buzz Word That is Synonymous With The Martial Arts Industry
  • How to Price Your Programs

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