Search Engine Optimization

Just Like You Can’t Live Without Oxygen – Your Business Can’t Live Without It…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…


It’s simple: If you are not getting the business you deserve from your website – you need…


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…



  • Can Your Website Be Found By Your Best Prospects?


  • Are You Getting Clients and Customers from Your Website?

One of the keys to tapping into the great power of the internet depends upon how the search engines “see” your site.

So, in a nut shell… SEARCH ENGINE Marketing is Extremely Important!

The goal of any business is to dramatically increase sales and one of the ways to increase sales is with a website that is optimized to attract quality visitors. With quality visitors and the right marketing – those visitors will turn into clients.

With so many “newbies” offering SEO services at a variety of prices, how can you be sure you are not getting ripped off?

Regrettably, although there are no “real” SEO credentials to look for in a business that offers SEO services. However there are crucial signs to look for that will help you determine if someone can indeed help your site rank high in the searches or they are ripping you off…

Signs to look for if you are being Ripped Off!

  1. They guarantee that your website will be number 1 in record time
  2. They don’t give you easy to understand reports on how they will achieve your goals.
  3. They are not responsive to emails and phone calls.

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HOT TIP: Although a reputable SEO company can give you the best chances of being number 1, there can never be a “guarantee.”This is because search engines are constantly changing…thus the reason for constant SEO updating is vital


Signs to look for with an ethical SEO business!

1.  Extensive track record of satisfied clients whose websites are now proudly showing on the first page of major search engines.

2.  Client sales conversions are steadily growing.

  1. Are constantly changing strategies that are universally legal.

HOT TIP: All too often unethical tactics are used to get your site more visible. All seems to being going very well…until that awful day you try to find your site online and discover…IT’s GONE!!! Scary!!!

How could this have happened?

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On what page, of the major search engines, does your website currently show up on? Is it the first page? Fourth maybe? Or something crazy like the 29th page?

Of course you don’t have to be an SEO expert to know that if your website shows up on anything other than the first page, it becomes considerably less likely that a potential customer will visit your site. So….

  • What does that mean to you?
  • Another lost sale to a competitor?

Recent studies have shown this to be a reality…                                    If you are not listed on the first page of let’s say, Google…                                                                              your chances of generating new internet business declines by 90%!!


Does that number get your attention? It should!

In today’s world SEO is not a luxury but an absolute must! If you seriously expect your business to succeed now and in the future you can not ignore this!

Okay, so here’s the bottom line…if your website is currently located sitting “the basement of the internet you ARE LOSING VALUABLE BUSINESS!!


If you are ready to step up your marketing, then you have come to the right place!

Get Your Website Seen TodayYou Simply Can NOT Afford to Wait Any Longer

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With any business, we all know that advertisement is a must…and unfortunately it can be quite expensive!

But Here’s the good news


SEO costs Much Less than you would expect!!

Before we can begin an SEO campaign on your website, we first must analyze your site to see exactly where your site currently stands with respect to the search engines.

This entails a complete report that outlines every possible aspect of your website and online marketability.  All of this allows us to ‘peak’ behind the scenes, sort of speak, and allows us to better understand what the next steps should be.

Many SEO companies run such reports and submit them back to you. And what do you receive? Pages upon pages of ‘SEO mumbo-jumbo’ and endless statistics. Well, what do you do with all that??

That approach is useless to you because of the complexity of the reports. It’s also a strong disservice since analyzing, making recommendations and implementing them should be the job of the SEO company you hired…after all…isn’t that why you wanted to hire someone do to the SEO?

We send you our strategy in “easy-to-understand” format and keep you updated constantly. In this way, you can feel comfortable that your website is in good hands and that you indeed, made the right choice with choosing us for your SEO!

After the report is run and now that we know what elements are needed to maximize search engine visibility, we can get started!

Here’s what you’ll get with Martial Arts Business Websites:

SEO– Schedule of Services

  • Initial reports are run on website (if there is one in existence) to see what elements need to be improved upon.
  • Rank tracking
  • Link tracking
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site optimization
    • Validate website to see if there are any existing errors in the code
    • Establish website architecture to see if it is employing the latest protocols
    • Establish home page load time
    • Evaluate navigation structure
    • Establish site map incorporation
    • Determine whether website has basic optimization principles
  • Develop a linking strategy
  • Quarterly reports
  • SEO consultation (As Needed)
  • Phone support
  • Website Updates (As Needed)

Martial Arts Business Websites understands   hat this are despite times and this is why we offer the Highest quality SEO/SEM service that you can find today…          at an investment you can afford!
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