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Question: How Does a Martial Arts School Succeed and Prosper in The New Economy?

Answer: Not Alone!

A Great Quote:

starting a martial arts business The Only Thing You Can Do By Yourself is Fail – Wally “Famous” Amos

From: Mike D. -Author & Martial Arts Industry Veteran

Dear Martial Arts Business Owner,

Why go at it alone if you don’t have to??

You really don’t and probably shouldn’t.

Back in 2008 with the help of a dear friend and mentor, Brett Lechtenberg, I rolled out a new Martial Arts Industry Marketing Resource… The MA-Biz Secret Society. It stood on the shoulders of a combined 22 + years of successful school ownership. I am so grateful because even with the tough economy the program has grown thanks to our clients.

There’s a whole lot of stuff that you get to grow your school in the program and I’m gonna get to that in a sec.

In early 2010 with the help of another industry friend and Internet Expert, Elsa Cordero, we launched “Martial Arts Business System.” And to keep everything congruent we all decided to change the name of the MA-Biz Secret Society to “Martial Arts Business System Gold.”

starting a mixed martial arts business “Each and Every Month You’ll Get Our Most Closely Guarded Marketing Secrets, Resources, Tools & Ideas That You Won’t get Any Where Else.” Including…

starting up a martial arts business Bi-Monthly Marketing Plans “Done For You” with easy to follow implementation Steps, that include closed door tele- coaching sessions & Tele-seminars. Each marketing plan puts you way ahead of your competition and helps you systematically predict how many students you’ll recruit.
starting up martial arts business Ads, Sales Letters, Flyers, Post Cards-“Done For You” (That actually work). Access to all of our new stuff and our HUGE library of resources.
starting up a martial arts business Grass Roots, Low Cost Marketing, Special Events Models and Systems
starting a mixed martial arts business Daily email tips and strategies to keep you up to the minute and ahead of your competition
starting a martial arts business Monthly group conference calls for MA-Biz Secret Society Members only for Q & A, guest experts, and “Breakthrough” of the month.
setting up a martial arts business Mp3 Recording of each call up at the site within hours for easy review
opening martial arts business How to create HUGE cash surges on demand with High Priced Personal Programs
mixed martial arts business plan 30 Minutes per Month of Phone and Email Consulting so you have a “go to team” when you need help. And don’t worry you’re not tied down to an exact day each month, you can use your time when YOU want.
mixed martial arts business Classroom Training & Drill Videos to keep your classes fun.
martial arts of business Guest Marketing & Success Recordings from Well-Know and “Under The Radar” Experts with Real Knowledge to Share

There are too many programs out there that over promise and under deliver. Plus they all have some sort of Hidden Agenda! Not This one!

The Martial Arts Business System Gold Will Give You Everything You Need to Grow Your School Each & Every Month

Your Invitation…

You’re invited to try the Martial Arts Business System Gold for 45 full Days for Just $45!

That’s Right– Just $45 and You’ll Get Over 6 Full Weeks to Put This Powerful System to Work for You

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Start Now and You’ll Get ALL the tools you need for a Strong Finish to 2010

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martial arts club business plan Proven Secrets for Free Publicity
martial arts business training Direct Mail that Works Like Magic to Make The Phone Ring
martial arts business tips Everything You Need For Special Events to Bring in More Referrals
martial arts business systems Training Videos
martial arts business success Special Event Marketing Videos
martial arts business solutions How to Get More Teens Training
martial arts business school Simple Methods to Bring in Adults
martial arts business requirements Plus, Our Huge Library of Resources. Drill Videos, Special Event Samples & Business Education.

Get Started For Just $1 per day! This Is Not A Contract and There’s No Risk to Do The Trial

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We don’t like crybabies and whiners. This is for grownups. It’s not for people who tend to start and quit, it’s for long term planners, thinkers and doers. So by all means, take the trial to see if it’s right for you! But don’t do it if you are one of these losers who goes around taking trials with no intention of bettering your life or your business. We want to keep this to being a small, dare I say it, “elite” group… no room for “crud,” all we want are “studs!”

Martial Arts Business Websites has been a great asset to our company. They have been able to get our company website listed on the first page of all the major search engines. In addition to developing our web strategy, they have been able to build our sites, improve on our older sites, and provide information on vendors that can provide the services we need to convert web leads into customers.

Mario Guerrero, President, Premier Martial Arts, NYC

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!” Mike actually under promises and over delivers!

Don Doncun

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