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Virtually Eliminate All Competition In Your Area, Be The # 1 Martial Arts Studio in Your Town or City & Create The School of Your Dreams…

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From: Mike Dolpies & Elsa Cordero

Dear Martial Arts Business Owner,

Please DO NOT read this letter unless you are absolutely 100% serious about building your Martial Arts Business.

Please only read this letter if you are willing to actually take the simple steps to becoming the DOMINANT Martial Arts School Business in YOUR Area!


Ok- Now that we’ve got that out of the way, please answer these questions…HONESTLY…..

Do You REALLY want the tools to succeed NOW and in The Future?

Do You REALLY want to attract HOT Prospects to Your School That Enroll Easily with Little Effort on Your Part


The First Part of Your Martial Arts Business & Internet Marketing Dominance program really starts with your website…

Let’s talk about getting students 24/7 – even while you’re sleeping.

I know that may sound crazy because martial arts schools have certain “hours of operation.” Stay with me though….Getting martial arts students while you sleep is easier than you think…

Getting students while you sleep is now a reality because of the Internet.

setting up a martial arts business Prospective students can go online and “Search” their market area for information on martial arts or related benefits. And here’s the good part- if you get in front of them with the right message- at the right time- it really can be easy to get them into your school!

Consumer research now shows that Internet searching is a key step in the buying process of many highly desirable consumers. That’s right- the folks who can afford your school and will gladly pay you – are the same folks that go online to get information about all types of products and services.

Face it… Today people are skeptical. Your best prospects want to see your school online before they call or come in.

There are 2 Major Problems Right Now in our industry when it comes to the internet…

Most Martial Arts School  Business Websites SUCK!


Most Companies That Design Websites For Schools Create Websites That SUCK!

Listen- We are not here to make friends, but I am here to help you!

We are here so you can finally stop wasting money on websites that don’t work. And I’m also here to prevent you from being scammed into buying a website that doesn’t work.

Let’s quickly talk about these two major problems….

Why do most martial arts school websites SUCK?

Most of them are just online business cards.

Showing off your flying side kick on your website went out with the “dot com bubble.”

Most of them are NOT designed to accomplish the most important job online…

and that’s to collect the information of a qualified prospect for immediate and long term follow up.

Most of them are confusing to a new prospect… Meet Our Master- View Our Dojo- See Pictures- Our Style – See Schedule. I can go on and on but I won’t. Having all these buttons to click is a HUGE Mistake. Let me tell you why…

Internet surfers have the Attention Span of gnats! If you give them a ton of buttons to click YOU ARE DEAD!

Ok- now why do Most Martial Arts School Website services SUCK?

Mainly because they peddle the above BS to unsuspecting school owners- while promising pie in the sky rewards. But since no one has stood up to say “I’ve had it!” they continue to suck school owners dry while delivering zero students.

Not any More!

I’m here to finally drive a steak through the heart of these vampires that are sucking the blood out of martial arts school owners….Let me tell you a Quick Story… This is why we started this program…

A school owner once contacted me because wanted me to take a look at his site and tell him what I thought. He showed me that it ranked high on all searches (which was a good thing).

When I looked at it my honest advice was this… “I see you are ranking high in the searches but from there I’d make a wager that you’ve gotten none or a very little amount of students as a result of this site.”

He said, “Mike, you are totally right, in the time I have had this site up (3 months) I can not attribute even one student to it!” I said, “How much are you paying for this?” Then he shocked me when he said, “Five hundred per month!” Ouch I thought to myself, “How can these people sell something for $500 per month that doesn’t work?”

The fact that the site showed up in the searches was great- but the lay out of the site was so poor that it didn’t matter because everyone who landed there quickly became confused and subsequently left without requesting more info or leaving their contact information.

Now Let Me Reveal The Secrets That Make A Martial Arts School Website Work….

opening martial arts business

When I was running my school full time I’d frequently signed students up through my website…. Let me give you an example…

I’d check my email in the morning to find one or more leads that had visited my page and left their information while I was sleeping. The information was sent right to my email in box. I’d simply pick up the phone and call the number and this would result in an appointment then an enrollment.

Another example…

I’d finish up some training or a marketing activity then check my email to find a new lead, I’d dial the number and low and behold…. Appointment- then enrollment!

Ok- one more example.

I’d just be hangin’ around with my kids or sitting at the beach- whatever, and get an email on my Blackberry. I’d hit dial and say “I noticed that you were on our website, and I was hoping I could help you and answer some questions?” after a few seconds of surprise we’d begin a conversation and you guessed it… Appointment and Enrollment!

Listen what else do you really need your site to do besides get you either…

Leads that you can follow up on by email and regular mail and…

Appointments and Enrollments.

I told you this would be simple and easy!

Now let’s talk real quick about some of the MAJOR problems with martial arts school websites.

Problem -The words on their websites really do suck.

See, the reason why I had people leaving their information for me to call them and enroll them is because I put the right words and message up at my site and I made it really super easy to navigate.

mixed martial arts business plan Poor “Content” and “Layout” kill more sites than anything.

Problem– Most sites have no way to collect information from prospects!

Another MAJOR element of your site is the ability to collect your prospect’s information and then put them into an “auto responder system.” An auto responder system contacts your prospects for you. Listen I can die tomorrow (I hope for my sake I don’t) and you’ll still receive messages from me like I was sitting down and typing them – that’s the power of auto responders.

Problem– Most sites are NOT visible to the search engines and Most Developers… Well… Haven’t got a Clue!

To get your site to show up high in an “organic search” like Google is no easy task and there are some secrets….

To Rank High in Searches Your Site Must Have….

mixed martial arts business Proper Keyword Selection: Your Martial Arts Business Website is Worthless when it is not targeting the phrases people use when they search! The success or failure of your search engine strategy lives or dies on this critical component. Most websites are haphazardly put together and missing this key secret.

martial arts of business Keyword Balance: To avoid being penalized and kicked out by the “Search Engines” Keyword Balance is extremely critical. Most martial arts website services that are aware of this idea go overboard and “Keyword Spam.” If you do this your site will be flagged and get thrown to the bowels of cyberspace and there aint nothin’ you can do about it.

martial arts in business Good Website Content: The web today is all about content! Content is King! Most Martial Arts Business Websites are not up to speed on this rule at all. Don’t make this deadly mistake!

martial arts gym business plan Unique Titles: This is what you see in your browser’s title page. Most Martial Arts Business Website Services are so Clueless on this it is not even funny. This is like “White Belt” stuff and they don’t even get it!

martial arts club business plan Meta Description: What you see in the body description of a search under a website name. This is another example of “Prime Real Estate going to waste.” Martial arts school owners and web developers foul this one up constantly.

martial arts business training Site Maps: Help the search engines navigate through your site easily so that all the optimized pages get listed as well as establishing a hierarchy of importance for the main pages. 7 out of 10 Martial Arts Business Websites DO NOT have a site map – it’s ashamed!

martial arts business tips Relevant Links: The more relevant links you have, the more important your website appears to the search engines. This is one of the most important parts of your marketing efforts and this fundamental strategy gets overlooked by most martial arts school websites!

martial arts business systems Social Media Integration: The truth is “Social Media” like Facebook, for example is here to stay. There is a wrong way and right way to take advantage of it. We will help you implement a winning Social Media strategy.

Ok- Stay with me, I know that was a lot technical details….Keep reading because….

We’ve Got The Cure for All Your Martial Arts Business Headaches…

Our Solutions in Not a “Stitch Together, Piece Meal” answer.

Our solution is not a box of information to be sent to your door.

Our Solution Does NOT involve you really doing much work.

The solution we have for you will give you the power to dominate the internet in your area and give you the resources to grow your school faster than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

We will put a website together for you that will do two very important things for you each and every month.

Get you leads and students 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

martial arts business success Become a source of valuable information that helps you keep your students.

When you think about- what else is more important that those two things? Simple Right?

Here’s what you’ll get….

**A Completely turn-key Website- you don’t lift a finger! Your Website will include…. (if you already have a website- that’s OK- we can build a new one or take your current one and dramatically improve it!)

martial arts business solutions A unique domain name and web address that is easy for your prospects to remember and search engine friendly so that dominating your area becomes even easier.

martial arts business school Done for You “Squeeze Pages” that entice your prospects to give you their information – automatically so that you can build a HUGE list of people clamoring to get in your doors!

martial arts business requirements Persuasive and Informative Content for Children and Adult Programs that will excite and educate your prospects to leave you their names and phone numbers so that you can follow up and enroll them as new students.

martial arts business plan free Special Event Pages- When you have a Special Event all you have do is send us an email and we’ll add a page to your site all about your event.

A Custom Site Built Around Your School. No Cookie Cutter Crap Aloud!

Search Engine Essentials…

martial arts business plan examples Proper Keyword Selection, Keyword Balance, Unique Titles, Meta Description, Site Maps, Relevant Links, Social Networking and more!

martial arts business plan An Easy to Use Blog. We’ll coach you on how to use your blog to dominate your area.

martial arts business opportunities Automatic Email Follow up- Your website will be plugged in to our automatic follow up email sequence and you’ll have piece of mind knowing that your prospects are being followed up on NO matter what. Your emails will be sent while you’re at the beach, on vacation and even while you sleep.

martial arts business news Fast Notification When A New Lead Visits Your Site- This way you can quickly convert them into a new student.

martial arts business name ideas Monthly Performance Report-This report will be emailed to you each month and written in plain English so that you can understand it.

martial arts business model Social Media Marketing Help

But listen- here’s the real deal- You will know it’s Working based on the leads and students that you are getting. If you hold up your end of the bargain and call your leads you really can’t go wrong.

Next You Get….

A Membership in The Martial Arts Business System Gold Marketing & Coaching Program….

Imagine just for second if you could flip a switch and create the life and school you’ve always dreamed about?…..

Imagine if you really could get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to Grow YOUR School Under one roof?

Imagine if you could stop “climbing the latter” of Super SLOW School Growth and get where you need to be in WARP SPEED?


Imagine having the backing of a solid team dedicated to your success, helping you every step of the way?

Imagine if you could Quickly generate an Additional $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 per month WITHOUT WORKING ANY HARDER??




My partner Brett Lechtenberg, and I have created the easiest and most complete marketing and operational materials ever assembled for the Martial Arts Industry. Best of all, for you, our program takes ALL of the guess work out of effectively marketing your school and commanding all the respect and income you deserve.

Our Martial Arts Business System Gold is based on 22 + years of “in the trenches” Martial Arts school experience – Fighting and Scratching for Every student until we discovered the secrets for consistently bringing in new students and keeping our current ones! It’s based on the HUGE Successes and the Embarrassing Failures! – HUGE Successes that can be yours and Mistakes that YOU’LL never make!

Are YOU Really Prepared for the upcoming shifts in our industry? Are You Really Gonna Survive in Our New Economy? Let Us Help You…

martial arts business mastery Successful “Pro Martial Artists” are no longer “just instructors.” Successful Pro Martial artists are local gurus, Informed business people, and genuinely loved members of their local communities.

The NEW “Pro Martial Artists” Stopped Chasing Students a Long Time Ago – Have You?

There’s a battle brewing and you can either decide to grab victory easily or be defeated very quickly – it’ really up to you. What will you do?

Here’s what just one Martial Arts School in your area (either you, or one of your competitors) will be

Using To Destroy their competition:

“Each and Every Month You’ll Get Our Most Closely Guarded Marketing Secrets, Resources, Tools & Ideas That We’re Unable To Reveal Anywhere Else.”

  • Bi-Monthly Marketing Plans “Done For You” with easy to follow implementation Steps, that include closed door tele- coaching sessions
  • Ads, Sales Letters, Flyers, Post Cards-“Done For You” (That actually work)
  • Grass Roots, Low Cost Marketing, Special Events Models and Systems
  • Daily email tips and strategies to keep you up to the minute and ahead of your competition
  • Monthly group conference calls for MA-Biz Secret Society Members only for Q & A, guest experts, and “Breakthrough” of the month.
  • Mp3 Recording of each call up at the site within hours for easy review
  • How to create HUGE cash surges on demand with High Priced Personal Programs
  • 30 Minutes per Month of Phone and Email Consulting so you have a “go to team” when you need help. And don’t worry you’re not tied down to an exact day each month, you can use your time when YOU want.
  • Classroom Training & Drill Videos to keep your classes fun.

There are too many programs out there that over promise and under deliver and it’s time to start a new trend! Plus they all have some sort of Hidden Agenda! Not This one!

We hope you understand the incredible value of what we’re providing you in this program. In addition to everything I named above You also get interactive training resources for you and your staff which includes audio programs and video training sessions.

How will you feel if your biggest competitor becomes the local trusted guru and is able to command carloads of new students with ease?

How would you feel if you saw your competitor growing like crazy and knew it could have been you?

How will you feel when your competitor’s site ranks higher than yours on the local searches?

This has got to be expensive, right? No! It’s not expensive at all!

That’s the best part!

I have heard from some school owner clients that just the daily emails are worth the monthly investment. Then when you consider the wealth of content on our members only site, plus the NEW resources we come out with all the time, then you add in all of the pre-done material and combine that with the fact that you never ever again need to come up with a marketing plan or promotional idea or piece and the fact that this results in a HUGE savings of time and life you can easily see where this program can be $600.00 per month or more.

But you won’t invest anywhere near that to be part of the MA-Biz Secret Society and  Martial Arts Business Websites where you get everything I mentioned in this letter plus on-going support and a website that kicks butt.

This is NOT For Everyone

We Have A Limit On How Many Sites We Manage and Market

There a few simple reasons why…

1) It takes real work on our part to guarantee that your website ranks high in your market area.

2) It takes real work on our part to provide you with the systems to follow up on your prospects.

3) It takes real work on our part to give you the kind of client service that will enable you to grow your school quickly!

4) We only want school owners who are serious about the future of their schools

And the main reason we keep this small…

So that we can give you the results that will help you dominate your market and build the school of your dreams.

“So how do I get going and what is the investment?”

If you are for real I want to give you the chance to get started right now.

That involves you clicking on the “I’m Ready, Let’s Get Going” Link and filling out the form.

If you are still not sure we’ve got 2 other options for you…

1- You can call me (Mike D.) at 267.992.2970 and I’ll answer your questions.

Or 2…

You can fill out this form right here and we’ll contact you.

Fill out this form if you want us to contact you and answer some questions.

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And if you are ready to go click below…

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What ever works for you– there’s never any pressure and deciding to get the ball rolling will help you more than it helps us.

Talk to you soon,

Mike D & Elsa Cordero

PS- Either fill out the form to ask more questions or click…

“I’m Ready, Let’s Get Going”


“This Has Made Me More Money Immediately Than Anything I’ve Purchased In A Very Long Time!”

Dr Larry Sanders

10th Degree Black Belt,

Sanders Black Belt Academy, Austin, Texas

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!” Mike actually under promises and over delivers!

Don Doncun

“If you want to make more money, sign up more students and stop banging your head against the wall in the martial arts business then you need Mike Dolpies’ program! You’d be plain dumb not to take advantage of everything Mike has – believe me, from someone who has bought it all the martial arts business! I’m here to tell you that Mike Dolpies knows what he’s talking about and his program will make you money!”

Scott J. Manning
Manning’s Family TaeKwonDo

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