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The Choice is Yours…

Your School Can Be Ahead of This Emerging Trend or You Can be Left Behind – Scrambling to Catch Up…

140,000,000 ! That’s how many (if not more) Smart Phone users there will be in the U.S by the end of 2011.

Mobile Commerce will actually double this year and continue to grow year after year.

Do you know where this is going?

The question is…

“How do you position your school to take advantage of this trend NOW so you can leave your competition in the dust?”

I’ll explain in a minute. Before we get to that…

Think about how many of your best prospects have “Smart Phones.” A lot!

People use their phones more and more to research a business before they decide to make contact.

They search “The Mobile Web.”

Here’s the problem. Chances areyour site (and your competitor’s site) are NOT Mobile friendly.

martial arts business ideas

Let Me Interrupt with an Important News Flash! You’ve Been Warned… A “Mobile Plug-In for a Blog” is NOT a Mobile Marketing Site so Don’t Be Fooled! These plug-ins are only meant for blogs and content sites. They are NOT Meant for Mobile Marketing and Lead Generation Mobile Sites.

And beyond being “Mobile Friendly” there’s a greater problem…

If you don’t have a “Mobile Site” those good prospects who find you on their mobile phone will NOT stay on your site let alone call you!

A very large percentage of websites slow down mobile phones or make them “crash.” This is frustrating to the user.

What happens… A good prospect searches on their smart phone, they find you, but then your site moves so slow and they get off and forget about you.

BUT… when you have a “Mobile Version” of your website your chances of turning that prospect into a client goes up dramatically!

The qualified prospect navigates easily. They find the information they are looking for, they take action, they “Click to Call” or “Opt-In” and Voila — Everyone wins!

martial arts business management The Searches…

Google dominates most of the searches conducted on smart phones. As time goes on their goal is to serve mobile sites to smart phone users. Make sense right?? What do we know about Google? Right, all they care about is the person who is searching.

When you have a mobile site to serve up to your best prospects Google will love you.

martial arts business marketing What do You Need?

A Mobile Version of your Website! Mobile Sites are not simply “mini-sites.” There are secrets to layout and design. Coding is different. How you engage a prospect is different. The signs are everywhere… martial arts business marketing ideas A Mobile Lead Generation Website is ALREADY essential to your future! We can help you by setting up your mobile site and mobile marketing plan.

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“With the systems we have put in place – my revenue has increased by $5000.00 during the first 3 months of being in platinum. My School is busier than ever and I am growing” Just one of the systems has been producing an average of 4 additional new students per week.

– Penny Patasi

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!” Mike actually under promises and over delivers!

Don Doncun

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