Platinum Internal/External Marketing

The Ultimate, Be-There- For- You-Every-Step-of-the-Way & Help You Implement Martial Arts Business System & Support That Guarantees Your Success”

This is a different from anything EVER offered in our industry before. The Martial Arts Business System is for a VERY Small and Select group of Martial Arts School Owners.

The Emphasis is on a couple of key ingredients that are lacking in everything else of this nature that is available to you… and they are… IMPLEMENTATION and REAL SUPPORT!

I’ll be explaining both in great detail in this letter – so keep reading….

There are so many “Hyped up- High Priced” Schemes floating around in our industry – It’s enough to make you sick, right? Many try to lead you to believe that you have to “join their team” and change the name of your school to really be successful.

Here’s news flash for you – you don’t!

The problem is that most of them are simply an expense and provide no real, tangible and fast return on your investment. You are still left to figure it all out on your own. You are told where and when you can actually speak to someone. Then you have to do it on their terms- not yours. It really shouldn’t be this way! Are you with me??

“Coaching” has changed!

You really should NOT be paying “$1000.00’s per month to simply talk on the phone with someone! If you’re going to invest in this level of relationship you should get two things… RESULTS, Systems and a return on your dollar!

“The Martial Arts Business System” in made up 6 Components… I call them “Fast ROI Benefits”

Let me explain by running through them real quick – this way you can better get a grasp on the power of this program…

FAST ROI Benefit 1…

**A Completely turn-key Website- you don’t lift a finger! Your Website will include…. (if you already have a website- that’s OK- we can build a new one or take your current one and dramatically improve it!)

  • A unique domain name and web address that is easy for your prospects to remember and search engine friendly so that dominating your area becomes even easier.
  • Done for You “Squeeze Pages” that entice your prospects to give you their information – automatically so that you can build a HUGE list of people clamoring to get in your doors!
  • Persuasive and Informative Content for Children and Adult Programs that will excite and educate your prospects to leave you their names and phone numbers so that you can follow up and enroll them as new students.
  • Special Event Pages- When you have a Special Event all you have do is send us an email and we’ll add a page to your site all about your event.
  • A Custom Site Built Around Your School. No Cookie Cutter Crap Allowed!

Search Engine Essentials…

  • Page 1 Search Engine Dominance!!! –
    FACT- Recent studies reveal…If you are not listed on the first page of let’s say, Google…your chances of generating new students via your website declines by 90%!!But More Importantly– Now, It’s NOT EnoughTo Just Get Your Site Ranked High- You Need Multiple Listings On Page 1— You Want– Page 1 Dominance!!!
    Many of our clients dominate page 1 of search engines like Google in their areas with multiple listings and we can do the same for you!
  • Proper Keyword Selection, Keyword Balance, Unique Titles, Meta Description, Site Maps, Relevant Links, Social Networking and more!
  • An Easy to Use Blog. I’ll coach you on how to use your Martial Arts Business blog to dominate your area.
  • Automatic Email Follow up- Your website will be plugged in to our automatic follow up email sequence and you’ll have piece of mind knowing that your prospects are being followed up on NO matter what. Your emails will be sent while you’re at the beach, on vacation and even while you sleep.
  • Fast Notification When A New Lead Visits Your Site- This way you can quickly convert them into a new student.

FAST ROI Benefit 2…

** Martial Arts Business Systems On Auto-Pilot…

You’ll Have A System for Every Aspect Marketing… No One Will “Slip Through The Cracks” Again!

  • Lead Follow Up That Turns Prospects into Students.

You’ll be handed systems for Families, Kids, Adults and Special Events

  • New Student to BBC/Leadership

You’ll have a system that will turn your new students into more committed Black Belt Club and Leadership Members. This system keeps you on track and communicates powerful benefits that boost your retention and your bottom line profits.

  • Phone call and Walk In System
  • Systems for Single Member Families and Families of Multiple Kids
  • Systems for Special Event Registration and Follow Up

There are 12 Ready to Use Systems All Together


Custom School Systems Created For You On Demand Based on Your Unique Situation

Finally! You’ll be able to REALLY automate your school to create more time for yourself, recruit more students and boost your retention!

Value = PRICELESS – Because your retention will soar and your marketing will be easier than ever!

FAST ROI Benefit 3…

**Easy implementation of Brett Lechtenberg’s Private Personal Destiny Training™

So That YOU Can Quickly Get up and Running With Three to Ten Personal Clients That Will Pay You $350.00 to $600.00 Per month.

You will get the EXACT action steps to effectively market, present and begin teaching your very own Private Personal Destiny Training™. You will get the EXACT marketing materials and word for word presentations that easily persuade your client that your Private Personal Destiny Training™ is what they need to succeed.

Value= $1050.00 to $1800.00 per month – IN YOUR POCKET!

If you get just 3 Private Personal Destiny Training™ clients you will be grossing an additional $1050.00 to $1800.00 per month. I know you can get more than 3, right???

This one component of our Covert Platinum Mastermind will easily cover YOUR ENTIRE investment many times over. But this is just the beginning…

FAST ROI Benefit 4

**Marketing Materials Completely Customized to You

As a Martial Arts Business System member we will, at your request, provide you with COMPLETELY DONE and already customized marketing pieces for your school. This is like adding another staff member to your school with none of the headaches! We can even use our design services to make completely NEW Martial Arts Marketing Materials just for you.

Value = $1500.00 per month

FAST ROI Benefit 5

**Implementation of your Sure Fire Marketing Plans

We will spend additional phone time with you helping you overcome your biggest challenge. And that’s implementing a winning school-growth marketing plan.

We’ll help you fully customize your monthly and quarterly plans to fit your specific needs. Then, step-by-step, we’ll roll up our sleeves together and get to work with you to make your life easier so that you can focus on growing your school.

Value = $1000.00 per month

FAST ROI Benefit 6- Gold Level Martial Arts Business System Membership

Your Martial Arts Business System covers your membership in the “MA-Biz Secret Society. There, you’ll have access to marketing plans, marketing materials, tele-seminars, drill videos and a whole truck load of resources to grow your school.


Raising Real Winners, The Audio Magazine of Success Parenting

Each month we interview parenting experts and other notable personalities in the field of self-help. Every interview has a ton of valuable parenting advice. The parents of your school will thank you for getting them this valuable information.

You’ll get your own Raising Real Winners web page and all of the cut and paste resources to share it with your students so you can begin boosting your retention.


**Take a TAX Deductible Vacation twice a year…

(Check with your accountant!)

Once per year in the beautiful Lakes Region of NH and once per year 4000 feet above see level in the breath taking state of Utah.

Two times per year Martial Arts Business System clients will convene in secrecy to share challenges and successes and to get further help to get ahead..


** 1/2 Price “Annual On-Site Consulting”

One of us will spend up to 8 hours one on one with you at your school. During that time we will work diligently with you to uncover the treasure that is buried in your school. We will work with you and your staff on KEY result areas. When we leave you’ll have a very clear action plan that will help you propel your business to a new level.

Normally we charge $1497.00 plus expenses for this service. But, as a Martial Arts Business System Client you’ll be able to have us at your school once per year for half the investment. You just cover the expenses associated with the trip.

Value = $748.50 Per Year (plus what you’ll profit as a result of our visit)

As you can see using The Martial Arts Business System is totally different than anything else out there.

The Martial Arts Business System Program is STRICTLY limited in size. We keep it small for a reason. And that’s so we can FOCUS on helping YOU!

Think about what will happen in your school and personal life when you get total and complete control over your business.

Before you fill out the application you need to keep in mind a few things…

**There is no “FREE Trial!” This group is very small, so NO tire kickers. Be sure that you are committed to your success.

You can cancel at anytime with just 30 days prior notice. That’s right! You can give up your seat at practically anytime.

This is NOT a long drawn out contract!

“OK- OK, I have heard enough what is the monthly investment and how can I put The Martial Arts Business System to Work in My School?”

The monthly investment (That will easily be covered simply with implementation of my systems) is a drop in the bucket compared to the value. Remember you’re getting ALL of your marketing “done for you” including your website!

What you can do now is call me at 267.992.2970 or fill out the form below. Then, we’ll speak via phone to answer your questions and see if this is for you.

Very Truly Yours,

Mike Dolpies – AKA- Agent 007

PS- The Martial Arts Business System is STRICTLY limited in size so we can give YOU the attention you deserve. Apply now by calling me and requesting an application. My number is 267.992.2970.

PPS- The tuition for this program is so much less than anything like this in our industry. Why? Because I keep my business very simple. I don’t have a huge staff to pay and I don’t have office space to rent. Therefor I can pass my savings right on to you. Call me and I’ll give you all the details and we’ll see if you qualify for the program. My number is 267.992.2970.

PPPPS – You can also simply fill out the form below.

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“With the systems we have put in place – my revenue has increased by $5000.00 during the first 3 months of being in platinum. My School is busier than ever and I am growing” Just one of the systems has been producing an average of 4 additional new students per week.

– Penny Patasi

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!” Mike actually under promises and over delivers!

Don Doncun

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