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You Rank High In The Martial Arts, Right? But Does Your Website Rank High Enough To Bring You The Amount of New Students You Deserve?

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So you have a great website but is it getting you new students? Is it helping you renew existing ones? Is it dominating the searches for your school in your area?

Don’t Let Your Competitor (Who is Probably Not As Good As You) Get More Students Simply Because They Have a Better Website & Out-Rank You in The Search Engines…

If Your Martial Arts School Website is not Coming Up on the First Page of Google and Other Searches then it’s Costing You Students! You need Search Engine Optimization.

building a martial arts business

Why not optimize your current website or let us help you put together a brand new one? Either way we’ll help your site be found by your Prospective Students using the Latest Search Engine Optimization Strategies.

Throughout the years Martial Arts Business Websites has tried a variety of different Search Engine Optimization solutions in order to come up with the most cost-efficient, result-driven package for martial arts school owners. The winner is our monthly package that constantly evaluates, tests and adjusts to achieve results.

Getting ranked on the first page in a search engine like Google for your desired keywords such as “karate and your city” or “Martial Arts in your area” is not something that happens overnight – and once you are there you can get knocked off in a second. Search Engines are looking for long-term relationships not “One night stands.” Any web designer that promises you’ll be ranked overnight and will stay there without constant maintenance is lying to you!

grow your martial arts business Do you really need this? Yes, you do!!

Recent studies reveal…If you are not listed on the first page of let’s say, Google…your chances of generating new internet business declines by 90%!!

Are you coming up on the first page of search engines like Google?

Are you getting enough prospective students visiting your website? Do you know how to tell if you are?

Are you getting at qualified leads for your school?

The goal of any martial arts school is to steadily and consistently increase its new student influx and one of the best ways to do this is with a website that is optimized for Page 1 Search Engine Dominance.

We Can Help Your School Win The Search Engine War & Virtually Eliminate All of Your Competition!

how to open martial arts business And…we can also help you increase your retention..,

The Next Piece of The Puzzle…

A “Members Only” Website For Your Students

how to promote martial arts business

Done right, a Members Only Student Website Can Add A Ton Of Value and Convenience to Your School.

how to start martial arts business Face It– Your Students Want to Be Exclusive. Your member website will make it easy for you to communicate with your students and set them up for success in your martial arts program. Increased communication and success equals higher retention!

martial arts and business Your student site will be easy to manage and fit perfectly with the marketing part of your website. Most importantly, it will be easy for your students to navigate.

martial arts business Your Member Website will Help You Increase the Number Students that Join Your Black Belt/ Masters Club and Leadership Program. We can help you layout your member site so it helps your “renewal and upgrade process flow.”

The strategy is to educate current students on the benefits they are currently receiving as well the future benefits of your upgrade programs. You can do this with audio, video and text.

Beyond helping you get more upgrades and renewals your member website will be where your students go to enhance their training at anytime day or night!

This is what you need!

martial arts business advice A Student Generating Site While You Sleep

martial arts business articles A Member’s site so you can prep your existing students for renewal and/or upgrade

martial arts business coaching 1st page Google domination

martial arts business daily Squeeze pages

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Martial Arts Business Websites has been a great asset to our company. They have been able to get our company website listed on the first page of all the major search engines. In addition to developing our web strategy, they have been able to build our sites, improve on our older sites, and provide information on vendors that can provide the services we need to convert web leads into customers.Mario Guerrero, President, Premier Martial Arts, NYC

“I’ve been a part of other “Coaching” Programs and nothing even comes close to this one. The value of what I have received far out-ways the investment!” Mike actually under promises and over delivers!Don Doncun

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