Do YOU Want To Be A Published Author in
the Next 30 Days Without Doing Much Work?

"Hey… I’ve been publishing books for myself and school owners
since 2009.

If you can take a base of material I give you, make a few tweaks
& add some of your unique personality you can have a book to
promote your school and elevate your status in your community."

There’s no better shortcut to an increase in credibility, perceived expertise and the ability to really stand
out in a crowded market than being a
REAL Published Author…

In the next 30 days you can be celebrating the publication of your brand new book.

  • Your own book you can use to reach your community more effectively.
  •  Your own book you can use to stand out in our cluttered world.
  •  Your own book you can use to get a great message out.
  •  Your own book you can use to take your school to the next level

If you’re reading this –maybe you’re ready to elevate yourself and your school with your own book.

This is a truly unique opportunity that will pay you dividends for years to come. It doesn’t come around that often. In fact I haven’t offered this program in almost three years. I have revamped it and lowered the investment required so it’s within reach of “the average school owner.”

Here’s how it works…

Over the years I’ve produced TONS of newsletters, blog posts, articles and tips for my family oriented schools. For me, writing comes easy. I know for most it’s hard. Here’s what I did…

I went through the 1000’s of words I’ve written and pulled out certain content that I am willing to let you use.

I don’t allow you to just “stick your name on it.” The material is 85% done. You just have to take a couple of hours and customize it to your school. (Much better this way!)

If you have a kid/family school this will work for you. All the material is geared toward kids and families. It relates to how martial arts produces successful individuals. And the conclusion is your school and staying active with your school will help a kid and family be more successful.

You also get… 5 Guest Chapters.

These chapters are from other success and parenting authors. This additional content helps diversify your book and helps you deliver even more value.

Most school owners want to write a book – but sadly, most never do it.

Why? It’s not easy!

This program makes it simple. How? I help you.I own a publishing company – so you’ll have a “publisher!”

I have written and published my own 5 books over the last two years so I know what I’m doing. My books have landed me network TV Coverage, Print Media, Online Media Coverage and Radio Shows.

I’m not some martial arts guru who simply woke up one day and saw how they can make a few bucks doing this for school owners. In fact… I AM NOT even a martial arts business guru!

My team and I handle everything. You just make some tweaks.

We do the formatting.

The cover.

Help you with the title (yes – unique titles!)

 We get the ISBN and barcode for you.

 We list your book on Amazon for you.

 Your book is a Powerful Marketing Tool. You’ll stand out – not just among other martial arts schools – but in your business community!

 Imagine the look on that principal’s face when you drop by with autographed copies for her and her office staff?

 Just imagine how key leaders in your community will turn to you for advice?

 Just think of how your prospects will see you now that you are a published author!

 Picture how your community will react when they see your name in print with 5 other expert authors…. Two of which have appeared on major media outlets.

 Hold that vision in your mind of you being invited to speak at numerous PTA and parenting organizations!

And Maybe Even Being Interviewed On TV.

Why?? All because you are a published Author!

Here’s how to take the next step…

Just fill in the form below and I’ll send you more details…


 What the Investment is for this Program.

 How Much Future Books Will Cost You.

 How Many Copies Come With The First Print.

 What Sort of “Support” You’ll Get.

 How this Simple Process Works and What Steps You Can Expect.


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