Bringing Students to Your Martial Arts Business With Facebook Marketing

Is there a “secret” to acquiring new students for your martial arts business from Facebook?

Not really.

Like anything else you can break it down into a couple of categories…

You can do the occasional “gimmick” or you can use “martial arts marketing principles.”

I do not mean “gimmicks” in a bad way either.

Just in a sense that gimmicks get old and stop working.

Gimmicks could be contests with the idea of getting students to share your martial arts business in a few different ways with their friends.

Thus, getting you some exposure, new “likes” and some traffic to your website.

But what if you don’t want to run the “gimmicks” all the time?

What can you do?

First step is to work hard to attract the right (targeted) page likes.

I have said it before…

The more targeted page likes you have is comparable to having a decent location.

Your Facebook page becomes your “window.”

Picture it…

If you have a couple of thousand people walking by your school every day you’ll be able to get their attention if you have some stuff going in your school.

Of course you have to be willing to “show.”

The reality is pictures get the most attention on Facebook.

Your content strategy MUST include “visuals.”

But the facts remains…

The more Page Likes you have.

The better targeted those Page Likes are the more likely they will be to poke their head into your “window” and ask about your school.

Yes – this idea is not super cool. It’s not a gimmick.

It is a reliable formula based on…

Getting a massive amount of targeted page likes.

Engaging those page likes with content.

And then…

Being strategic about how you use the content to generate interest and students.

The image below is a good example…

  1. Page like was acquired through targeting.
  2. Content strategy in place to generate interest.

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