Martial Arts Business Website Services Buyer Beware

After seeing a post from a martial arts business owner about how a software company handled his website… (He was talking about how he “lost” his website when he canceled)… my reply was…

This is the main problem with many “martial arts business website services” in the martial arts industry. If you allow a company to build you a website on a proprietary software platform… that means – the platform can’t “go with you” when you leave (example you gave) or a “cookie-cutter” thing where you are basically “licensing” the website, the images — etc… you really Don’t OWN it. The answer for some is to understand the difference — and the ultimate answer is to build custom. When you a hire a professional firm (shameless plug) to build custom – you own the site. You might pay more in the short-term but you will avoid issues like this.

Martial Arts School Mobile Apps

Martial Arts School Mobile Apps

Recently I heard some news about “what parents want.”

Mobile Apps for your Martial Arts BusinessOf course… they (we) want all sorts of things for our kids.

But top of the list as far as “a toys/gadgets” we want for the kids…

Tablet Devices

In particular … Ipads.

Ipads are the dominant tablet, right?

So that makes sense.

I know…

Too much screen time is no good!

I agree with you.

That’s why my wife and I keep our girls’ screen time to a minimum.

And the fact is parents want tablets… not really… to allow their kids to veg out.

They know – there’s a ton of education that can happen when you use these things right.

In other words…

The tablet can do much good!

Which is why this mobile app thing I’ve been gently nudging you about over the last month or so is a big deal.


Getting martial arts students and members to log-in to “member areas” on yee old martial arts school website is dead as nails.

It’s those tablets and smartphones.

That’s where you can engage your martial arts students and grow your business.

Help boost retention with…

Member only content to support training and boost confidence.

Push Notifications to keep students informed and up to speed with your school.

Further your “school brand” by doing this before any other “activity” out there.

Plus, wouldn’t an app really boost your school’s value?

Martial Arts School Mobile Apps can really help you.

More information and to request a demo go to our mobile apps for martial arts school page…

Martial Arts Marketing SEO

An easy but often under-utilized tool that can help you with your SEO and Martial Arts Business Internet Marketing is video.

But I want you to think about it in a different way.

Don’t worry for now about producing some fancy videos.

Of course, for branding and professional image, fancy videos can help.

For now – think – Happy Students and Social Proof.

Happy Students and Social Proof can help you with your Search Engine Optimization.

Here’s what to do…

Step 1: Be on the look out. When students compliment you make sure you get most of them to go along with your request to record their happiness. Nothing fancy, just a minute or less.

Step 2: Post the video and optimize it properly.

What happens is…

You get double the marketing bang!

What I mean is…

Done right your videos can show up in search results. Plus! Those videos contain proof elements to help persuade searchers that your school is a good thing.

See that?

Anyway –

Don’t Let Your Internet Marketing “Limp Along”…

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your martial arts business mission

Have you ever thought about this?

About the mission for your school?

Actually, to be specific, the “Mission Statement?”

It’s a good idea to think about it every once in a while to be sure you’re in line with your original vision.

If you’re a staff one – you still need a mission statement. But it works brilliantly if you are or ever plan on building a team.

It’s a base-line where all decisions are made from.

If it doesn’t fit into the mission, it’s an easy “no.”

The mission governs all interactions with students, prospects and your community.

Here’s one I wrote many years ago.

I remember the day I wrote it, the school was closed because of snow and I went in to get some “quite time.”

Here goes…

Mission Statement

To touch as many lives as possible with the benefits that training in the martial arts offers.

To inspire our students to achieve success in martial arts as well as all other areas of life.

To far surpass the expectations of clients in service and professionalism.

To create an experience that is so positive it will forever be remembered by its practitioners and their families.

So think of your mission.

And if you want help with this line…

“To touch as many lives as possible with the benefits that training in the martial arts offers.”

We’ve got marketing plans and resources for every month and week of the year.

All you gotta do is check your email and take action.

You can take action, right?

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Just think of how your prospects will see you now that you are a published author!

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Hold that vision in your mind of you being invited to speak at numerous PTA and parenting organizations!

Why?? All because you are a published Author!

And- I will help you get media coverage for you and your book and show how to leverage it into more new students.

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