the do nots of martial arts business lead capture websites

Whether you call them “Squeeze Pages”  – “Micro-Sites” – “Lead Capture Pages” or whatever there are a few “Don’ts” when it comes to single page websites designed to generate prospects.

The truth is most school owners are totally missing the boat (about 99% based on my evaluation of internet marketing principles used by several martial arts businesses.) because they are simply ignorant to this powerful internet marketing principle.

Out of the other 1% who are aware of the power of squeeze pages a large portion simply take no action to implement. Mainly because their “web designers” are clueless because the “designer” is just that – “A designer” and is not schooled in marketing.

Then – outa the remaining few who do get these going most make a bunch of white belt mistakes rendering their pages useless.

To try to help I, along with the folks at: Martial Arts Business Websites (that would be me, my partner Elsa and our one employee, Michelle – we run our business like a good martial arts school model– program director, instructor, full-time assistant) wanted to share these simple “Don’ts.”


Here are the “Don’ts of Lead Capture Web Pages” Referred to hereafter as “Squeeze Pages”

Don’t have any other links, tabs or options on your squeeze pages. In most cases your school’s banner is  not even necessary. Actually, the banner can sometimes hurt your page’s performance.

Don’t do any fancy video. Videos for squeeze pages are simply there to answer 4 questions and that’s it. Fancy videos on squeeze pages can hurt your lead gen efforts.

Don’t offer a newsletter on a squeeze page – no one wants it.

Don’t try to sell your trial program on a squeeze page.

Don’t take your wording lightly – it’s the words and the “copy” combined with what your are giving the visitor that make them respond.  That’s why we help our clients with wording – it’s the most important part of the Squeeze Page.

OK– there you have it.

A few don’ts.

If you actually employ squeeze pages and employ them correctly you can leave your competition in the dust.

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More cookie cutter martial arts marketing website danger

OK– so I’m gonna go out on a limb here and exercise my right to freee speech.

No- I’m not doing any product comparisons or anything like that either.

Here’s what happened…

Yesterday I was speaking with a long-time MA Biz System Gold member who wanted to talk to me about doing her web marketing.

(she got started too– which was great)

but she wanted me to take a look at a site (I guess one that another company pointed her to as a sample)

when I got there– I said– “wait– I know who this is – It’s (blank’s) website right?”

She said, “No, it’s (blank’s) site!” “OH!” was my response.

Then– I realized I was looking at the “cookie cutter method”

There are major pitfalls and traps waiting for you when you go the cookie-cutter route.

So I put a video together warning you of some of the dangers!

If you are using a cookie cutter site done for you by someone else or using one these— “do it yourself” platforms or even if you’re anti-cookie cutter like me you’ll want to check this out.

Check out the vid only if you’re interested in becoming better at marketing your school online.

Take a look…

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This Could Be Hurting Your Martial Arts Business Website

It has to do with how you organize your various programs.

Sadly – A LOT of school owners make this mistake.

Here’s what it is and how to correct it.

It’s a quick 2 minute video for you…

Check it out…

It has to do with how you organize your various programs.
Sadly – A LOT of school owners make this mistake.
Here’s what it is and how to correct it.
It’s a quick 2 minute video for you…
Check it out here…

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The Correct Amount of Words and Don’t Make This Mistake With Videos for Your Website

I often get the question about the correct amount of words on a website.

In this new video I’ll answer it for you.

Plus… As video becomes more and more necessary for marketing your school online, owners are making a big mistake with it.

So if you’re thinking about doing video on your site, be sure you check this out so you can avoid this mistake.

Ignorance is bliss, but information is power! Stay Smart!

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3 Quick Lessons on Blogging for More New Students – Watch this Whether You’re Blogging or Not

You’re gonna love today’s video. Not more than any other video I’ve done for you, but equally as much for sure!
It’s about 5 minutes and I cover a little bit about Blogging. Mainly…

  • Why Blog?
  • What to Blog…
  • What NOT to Do When You Blog…
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