Bringing Students to Your Martial Arts Business With Facebook Marketing

Is there a “secret” to acquiring new students for your martial arts business from Facebook?

Not really.

Like anything else you can break it down into a couple of categories…

You can do the occasional “gimmick” or you can use “martial arts marketing principles.”

I do not mean “gimmicks” in a bad way either.

Just in a sense that gimmicks get old and stop working.

Gimmicks could be contests with the idea of getting students to share your martial arts business in a few different ways with their friends.

Thus, getting you some exposure, new “likes” and some traffic to your website.

But what if you don’t want to run the “gimmicks” all the time?

What can you do?

First step is to work hard to attract the right (targeted) page likes.

I have said it before…

The more targeted page likes you have is comparable to having a decent location.

Your Facebook page becomes your “window.”

Picture it…

If you have a couple of thousand people walking by your school every day you’ll be able to get their attention if you have some stuff going in your school.

Of course you have to be willing to “show.”

The reality is pictures get the most attention on Facebook.

Your content strategy MUST include “visuals.”

But the facts remains…

The more Page Likes you have.

The better targeted those Page Likes are the more likely they will be to poke their head into your “window” and ask about your school.

Yes – this idea is not super cool. It’s not a gimmick.

It is a reliable formula based on…

Getting a massive amount of targeted page likes.

Engaging those page likes with content.

And then…

Being strategic about how you use the content to generate interest and students.

The image below is a good example…

  1. Page like was acquired through targeting.
  2. Content strategy in place to generate interest.

martial arts business marketing


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Who Should Like Your Martial Arts Business on Facebook

Have you given this some thought??

Who should you want to “like” your martial arts business on Facebook?

What I mean is who should “like” your martial arts school’s business page.

And, it must be a Facebook business page.

If you’re school is set up as personal account PLEASE delete it because Facebook and the people on Facebook think you are an idiot. If your competition is set up like that make sure they keep doing what they’re doing. LOL!

In order – here’s who should like you and why…

1- Your students. DUH! You need them to be the “responsive” crowd you can interact with.

2- Friends of students, networking partners (meaning – other biz owners in your area). You need them to add that extra element of “your school is a big deal.” Interaction with non-students. Helping out your biz owner friends. It’s all good.

3- The people who you DON’T know. This group is so important because it is they who can push the time you spend on Facebook into the black.

So how do you find group #3?

They say money don’t buy friends. News Flash. On Facebook it does.

Facebook has an amazing ad platform.

You can find your ideal prospects.

If you’re smart about it – they just might turn into students. But, you have to know what you’re doing.

If you’re savvy about it you can grow your martial arts business with Facebook marketing.

Funny, the other day a school said he was using Facebook to “advertise his martial arts school.” I said… “Great, how are your Facebook Ads working?” He replied… “I’m not doing ads, I’m just using Facebook to advertise.”

Doing status updates on your page and engaging your “Likes” in conversation is NOT and SHOULD NOT be “Advertising.”



Facebook ads for your martial arts business marketing

Did you know most online activities are very “task” oriented? Meaning.

People go online to find a restaurant or book a trip or search for a martial arts school.

That’s why online lead generation works. Someone is looking for info. They find your martial arts business. You make them an offer and they say “sure.” Over and done with. You call them and they come in.

But there’s one place on the net that’s not “task oriented.”

In fact it is totally about wandering. About getting lost. About 5 minutes turning into 25 minutes.

You know where that is?

Facebook. Yes – I sometime get lost wandering around.

I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook ads recently for both myself and clients.

Here’s what I like about it.

Because I’m old school – believe it or not Facebook ads remind me of direct mail marketing.

Meaning: One way to do direct mail is to a “cold list.” That’s a list you purchase. Done correctly you can get phone calls and you can also “warm up” the list via multi steps.

You choose your cold list by demographics and geography.

But here’s what’s great about Facebook ads…

Yes you can choose a radius around your school (like you would with direct mail). You can choose “families with kids” (like you would with direct mail).

Where it gets better is you can dig deeper.

Say you knew that your best students were iPhone users. (Yes – you know know shit like that). Well, you can target them on Facebook.

I can’t go into all the details here but the message is you really should be exploring Facebook ads for your martial arts business. Remember your ad needs to interrupt them. And it’s OK, because they are wandering they are expecting to be interrupted.

Members! Today you were sent a couple of sample ads to go with the Facebook landing page sample and tutorial video so be sure you check it out.

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409 New Facebook Likes for Your Martial Arts Business

Let me share a little Facebook secret with you.

This little secret increased page likes by 409 in just one month and I’m hoping you can use it to increase likes for your martial arts business.

The back story – I have a few “brands” in my company.

One of them had a Facebook biz page that was sorta “limping along.”

I didn’t pay much attention to it aside from posting o

nce a day. It took about a year to get to 149 Likes.

The likes came from friends and a few recommendations they were so gracious enough to give me.

This “limping along” did not make me happy. I’d rather be running than limping.

Then, I tried something new and… “Bada-Bing” 409 new likes in less than a month!Hey, I’m no “Lady Gaga” when it comes to Facebook Likes, but I still see too many pages with only a handful of likes. Not good. A prospect sees that and wonders… “Hmm, why do only 50 people like this?”

But why else should you care about likes? I know, I agree “Likes are Not Leads” and they shouldn’t be treated like leads. But they are worth something. When anyone takes just the first little step toward your school – you just never know where it can lead.

Yes, you have to get active and post. You have to nurture your likes a little. I always tell people…

“If you have 10 Facebook Likes on your page, so what, pretend you have 10,000 – what would you do with 10,000?”


The strategy…

Basically you have to drive traffic to you page. DUH!

But it is not just about buying an ad on Facebook to encourage likes. No way.

What you do is a run an ad and drive them to a Facebook Landing page. That’s a page right on Facebook that sorta models a flier in print or a squeeze page online.

You have to target the landing page toward a certain demographic. If it is for your “Fitness Kickboxing” program you target it toward women who are interested in fitness.

The good news…

You get Likes and you can also get calls too!. Why?

Because your landing page makes a specific offer.

Make sense?

Yea – I know you’re over-whelmed always so much to do and think about.

Well, as Axl Rose said, “Welcome to the Jungle!”

I hope you’ll use this idea.

If you’re a member of ours keep an eye on your email box because I’m gonna send you a sample Facebook landing page and a quick video tutorial.

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Open your mind – I’ll put good stuff in – I promise!

get your students to share and grow your martial arts business

How many times have you heard this?

“If you want referrals for your martial arts business from your current students you must make it easy for them!”

Well, the same thing applies online.

Yes, you could get your students to refer you by using some simple online marketing principles.

But most schools aren’t doing this. Here’s how it works…

One of the easiest ways to get some online word of mouth is to make sure you have the latest “sharing features” on your website and blog.

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are the most essential.

And yes, you can ask your students to go to your site or blog and press those share buttons. If they’re happy with you – they’ll gladly do it.

Now, they may not be savvy on Google+ or have 1000’s of Twitter followers, but even if they have 150 Facebook friends do the math…

If just 20 of your students shared your website (because you had the share buttons properly installed and working) with 150 of their Facebook friends, that’s 3,750 people who see your website. Not bad.

The point is to create a “share the benefits” culture in both the real world and online.

So hop to it.

All of our clients’ websites have all of the latest share features.

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martial arts business facebook marketing tricks

This video shows you a simple tweak to add to your Facebook page so you can get leads and grow your martial arts business.

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