changes in the martial arts business world

As I was flipping through one of the martial arts business industry trade journals I got further confirmation that a prediction I made a few years back is just about in full swing.

The entire post is a few blogs down.

Basically, I predicted fragmentation amongst industry service providers. Less cooperation or just cooperation totally based on politics. I predicted many service providers would come and go.

So when I opened up one of the journals this month I saw it clear as day right in front of my eyes.

Most won’t notice what I noticed.

But here it is…

While reading the articles and columns you can easily tell who works for the industry group and who doesn’t. What you end up with are “inside contributors” and contributors who do their own thing.

What I noticed was how their no longer are “bio boxes.” The bio box is a short paragraph that says. “Your name is the owner of yada yada in yada. He’s also a super guy. He can be reached at yoursite.”

Of course it varies a little, but that is the basic structure. As side note. Every blog you do should have one. And if you ever contribute to any publications you must get your bio box published.

It is just common courtesy in the world of UN-Paid contributors. My assumption would be the outside contributors to this publication are not paid but I could be wrong.

So why the hell is this a big deal?

  1. It violates basic etiquette.
  2. It shows a “guarded mentality.” Meaning: “We can’t do what is common in the publishing world for fear of ______ .” (I’m not sure what the blank is).

I wrote a column for a martial arts business industry mag from 2005 to the summer of 2007. My bio box was published and it was key in letting the readers know who I was and how they could reach me. Plus, it’s just fair exchange of value.

Who knows maybe it’s really no big deal. But it does strike me as a little off.