Controversial Martial Arts Business Student Quit Policy

Something I’ve thought about in the past and have spoken to a couple of savvy clients about recently is a little controversial.

It’s about a “Student Dropout Policy” designed to really make your school exclusive.

It’s based on the principle that the “fear of loss” is greater than “the desire for gain.”

It’s based on the fact that most of your students want what they can’t have.

It’s based on the truth that upon dropping out a high percentage of your students tell you the following…

“I’ll be back when things calm down.”

“Johnny will be back when he regains his interest in martial arts.”

“Yes we are quitting but, we’re gonna refer everyone we know because you’re so great!”

Yes it’s true that schedules get crazy forcing people to stop temporary – even longer – but a small percentage do come back on their own volition. Granted, a very small percentage!

And Yes– some kid students drift and you will need to “re-spark” their interest. But re-sparking interest usually happens on the mat, not off the mat.

And yes– a very small percentage of your referrals will come from people who were past students. But compared to how many tell you about all the referrals they’ll be sending your way upon dropping out and those who actually do –  the number is tiny. Plus– isn’t a little in-congruent for someone who dropped out to be a major source of referrals??

So this policy basically states very clearly upon enrollment that students who drop out are NOT able to “rejoin whenever they please.”

Of course the justification of this policy has everything to do with the principles you are trying to instill in your students. I won’t get into the wording here.

And what it also clearly states is that upon dropping out a student must receive an “INVITATION” to return. Otherwise, they can’t come back. The key is the last sentence which is something that needs to happen anyway.

Naturally, this post is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the details of this policy.

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