Controversy and Lesson about Questions in Martial Arts Marketing

The other day I sent an email about the power of using questions in your martial arts business marketing.

The fun way I pointed this out was to show you an example of “Pop Culture” doing the same thing with a hit song.

So before I get to the little misunderstanding and more lessons here’s another example of using questions in marketing.

The following questions are the start of a Preschool program marketing piece.

The piece I’m referring to has been used on the web, in direct mail and in online video.

Here goes…

Are you looking for a fun activity that your child will love but also gain some valuable benefits from?

Do you know in your heart that really positive development will not happen for your child by chance?

Do you want your little one to acquire mental and physical skills that some kids twice their age still haven’t mastered yet?

Most Importantly— Do you want them to have FUN?

See how questions can engage your prospect??

I hope that helps.

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Now onto the controversy.

Which honestly seems to be this person really missing the point and getting all emotional over the wrong thing.

If you remember I used Katy Perry’s song “Firework” as the pop culture example. If you’ve heard it you know the song starts with some questions. Those questions

sound like the start of a sales letter for a life improvement course. Anyway, here’s this guy’s email and my response…

Hi sir, Mike, hope all is well for you. Have a happy and productive week. Lol… Sir, have you listened to her other songs? Wish the rest of her lyrics weren’t so filthy and leading young girls down the wrong paths. I have two teenage girls and I hate what this lady has done to the youth and continues to do. Actually it would be the label and producers that make her sing those songs. I ask all martial artist and anyone interested in familyvalues to boycott her. Hope you join us sir. She represents everything we don’t no matter how successful she may seem. Blessings and catch you soon

My response…

I understand your point. And this song is just about the only song I would let my girls listen to because of its inspirational message.

I guess this is one of those cases where you criticize the performer and not the performance.

The performance of “firework” is ok in my book.

And also note– this free email tip was about the power of opening a marketing message with questions-not about the character flaws of MS Perry — but an interesting debate for sure


To be fair, I like this guy and he is a sharp martial arts business owner (we all have our moments).

This reminds of me of Bruce Lee and not “missing all that heavenly glory.”

I agree we must all “stand for something of fall for anything.”

But standing for something involves keeping an open mind. An open mind is important to your martial arts marketing.

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