Cross Marketing for Your Martial Arts Business

There’s really no way around it.

If you’re gonna make this work – this is key.

The key is to get good at managing a multitude of marketing activities for your school.

Now – some are “Activities” that you have to do weekly and monthly.

Special Events for example.

But others – when set up correctly, can work for you with the help of a competent team member and some tweaks along the way.

A few examples…

Google Adwords. Set up properly with tracking and quality landing pages this can work for you with adjusting, tweaking and a new offers from time to time along with some new landing pages here and there.

Facebook Ads. A strategy and understanding is obviously important here. Done right – you will get students.

I would recommend you start with my book on this I pasted the link below.

Next –

Organic SEO combined with Lead-Generating website.

Of course getting leads is great, but you also need the next step…

Follow Up. Which leads to more additions to your “Cross Media & Crossing The Line Marketing”…

Email marketing. A few follow ups to web leads – special event leads will greatly up your chances of turning them into students.

Direct Mail Marketing.

Leads that come in can also get direct mail follow up. The fact is when you actually “show up” via direct mail you dramatically increase your odds of getting a student.

Anyway – This Cross Media Marketing thing is key.

And really not all the hard to set up.

If you want some help taking things to a higher level. Go here…

Martial Arts Business Platinum Marketing

and the link to the Facebook Book click here.