Death By Search Engine

A man with chest pain sought advice over the internet about natural cures. He ordered herbs from India. While waiting to receive them he died of a heart attack.

A woman with a serious infection was prescribed an antibiotic by her physician. She didn’t take it because she read on the internet that some people recovered without it. A week later she was in the hospital in critical condition because her infection got much worse.

Source: Bottom Line Personal – August 15th , 2011 Issue

So what’s the point?

Naturally, you got some entertainment value there that you can go share 😉

Beyond that? A few things…

There’s a ton of information online but these stories prove how you gotta be careful.

In the case of the heart attack guy he simply got the wrong product for his condition.

It happens in the martial arts business. Maybe not a heart attack, but…

In many ways what would help you build your school is not the same as what the next guy or girl should be doing for their schools.

We’re all at different stages of knowledge and experience.

The second story proves how dangerous free information can be.

Yeah– maybe she read about some people who did just fine without the medication, but that’s no reason to think it would work for her. If she sought and paid for medical advice she shouldn’t taken it.

Just because something worked for another school owner doesn’t always mean it is gonna work for you.

Take any concept…

Special Events, Direct Mail, Internet, Mobile, Social Media

There are – dare I say… “Secrets” to making these things work.

And the secret starts with being a student of your art AND your business.

After all – the best students are the best teachers.

The point is every marketing strategy can work if you dig deep and UN-cover the principles that make it work.

Personally… My opinion is the “deep” knowledge can NOT be found on the internet for free.

It can’t be found on my blog or any other martial arts business guru’s blog.

To go deep, you’re gonna have to dig.

I once had an argument with a new instructor. He was a “know it all” – you know the type?

I told him I appreciated his ideas, his feedback and his Chartism of some of my business systems.

The truth was a few of his ideas were good. But most showed his lack of experience.

The truth is wisdom comes from three sources…

  1. Gathered Knowledge (being a student)
  2. Applying what you learn.
  3. Screwing up and fixing it until you get it right.

Please know that I understand your skepticism. I encourage your skepticism.

Don’t blindly take my advice or that of anyone else.

Do your homework.

One of things that helps me click with my Platinum Martial Arts Business System Clients is the fact that I listen.

The push I give them is for them to figure out what works for their schools and what fits their personalities and how they envision their lives. All I can do is go along for the ride and help them get there faster.

Until next time – Go deep in your quest for the information you seek to make your business successful and your life easier.