Disney and Danger

Disney & Danger

Here’s a question…

Does it make sense to emulate the “Marketing” of a BIG company?

For us “Small Time Operators” the safe answer is NO!

After all, those companies have huge budgets.

But there’s one part of their marketing we should pay attention too.

And that’s “Market Research.”

See, a big business has the big bucks to spend in order to find out “what their prospects want.”

Then (most of the time) those findings are turned over to the powers that be and messages, campaigns and ideas are created.

Marketing research also applies to demographic research.

For example… Did you know Wal-Mart does some pretty heavy and intensive demographic research? That research determines where they open and how big of a store they open.

Sometimes, I’ll ask a school owner over the phone to tell me about the demographics of their area. If there’s silence for more than four seconds I worry!

A Recent Disney Study…

If you teach kids you have to market to parents. Disney knows how to do this.

One of their recent Marketing Studies asked parents what they want for their children.

The overwhelming response was “they want their kids to be happy!”

Ten years ago academic skills and educational success ranked highest.

If you teach kids – this is stuff you need to be aware of.

It amazes me how most of the “Associations” and “Business Programs” still turn out marketing materials that haven’t changed since the 1990’s! This is flat out DANGEROUS to our Industry!

People are more pre-occupied now with numerous choices and distractions. To think an ad that talks about how “great martial arts are” and nothing else stands a chance is a pipe dream.

Pay attention to trends. Watch the research the big players do and put some marketing together that strikes a nerve and gets noticed at the same time.

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