do not rely on 5 percent to build your martial arts business

This is an interesting 95% vs 5% argument.

I’m sorta borrowing this from my friend Ben Settle. He sent an email out about it related to a totally different topic.

But pay attention because this is important…

Ben’s been studying an “old school” sales master.

His name is Stan Billue.

Ben’s Words…

“Specifically, I’ve been listening to his course about selling byphone. One thing that stood out like a fart instudy hall is when he cited statistics about how most people (I think 95%) who buy a product on any given day, did NOT wake up that morning planning to buy anything.”

Back to me…

You’ve heard the stats…

Roughly 2% off the population is interested in martial arts.

Don’t be discourage because unless you’ve got basic commodities all businesses deal with “small numbers.”

But out of that 2% – only a sliver of them actually wake up in the morning and decide…

“Today is the day I’m gonna start martial arts.”

The bulk of your best prospects must be “interrupted” and their interest must be sparked.

I’ve heard of too many schools that have now gone to martial arts business heaven because they waited for the 5%. (that’s 5% of the 2%)

So the question becomes… How do you cost-effectively get in front of the 95%?

OK– here’s a start…

Narrow Your Focus.

The best way to narrow your focus to a battle you can win is to get a quality list of likely prospects in your area.

Direct Mail is the way to go and the principle is called “farming.”

Quick Karate Sales Letters has got the skinny on Direct Mail

Next– Farm Your Groups

Through effective networking you can “get in” with certain organizations in your area.

When you get to the point of being a guest for them – the best thing to do is to get the contact info of participants and permission to follow up. If you do it right, these folks will gladly give you their contact info and permission.

Then you create a second list and farm it with direct mail, email and now even text messaging. Just be sure you do it right!

This same approach can be taken with internal events where you get guests to show up.

You don’t need permission to start sending direct snail mail to someone.

But you do need permission to send email and text messages.

You can get permission via effective networking, events and online marketing.

You gotta remember that most of the people you come in contact with or send a direct mail piece to are NOT ready to come in. Yes, a few are and those will provide you with a great ROI on your marketing.

The real secret is to understand this concept and be really committed to building your “permission list.”

It’s your permission list that you can employ, text message, email and even more targeted direct mail to.

You have to look at everything you do and ask yourself… “How can I multiply it?”

If you combine, Direct Mail, Internet Marketing and Mobile Marketing you’ll be 50 steps ahead of most small businesses in your area and you’ll stick out, as Ben Says, “like a fart in study hall.”

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