don’t forget this on your martial arts business marketing website

This post covers two over-looked martial arts business internet marketing concepts..

Numero Uno…

The Structure of an Offer

It dawned on me to remind you about this as I working on re-designing a new client’s website.

Often times when we begin working on a website 99% of the time it is lacking the most important element a martial arts school site needs to be effective and collect leads…

The Offer & Call to Action.

This needs to be extremely clear.

There are few ways to do this but today we’ll just touch on one. And that’s “the trial offer.”

I like to help our clients break down their trial offers into two categories…

  1. The Home Page
  2. Specific Programs

The home page offer is for those visitors who are “hot to trot.” The specific program offers are for prospects who take the time to view the specific program of their choice.

It’s also a good idea to sift and sort these leads into different lists.

Today I sent our Martial Arts Business System Gold Members some “cut & paste” offer structures.


Content is Still King

The easiest way to get in to the game of content is to blog regularly.

Just be sure your blog is optimized with the latest SEO and Social Plug-ins.

From time to time I will get our members some content that, with a little tweaking, can be made into your own unique blog post.

This week I’ll send our members two articles. One you can use a blog post for kids, and the other for adults.

Get some more detailed help and resources for building your school, right here…

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