Endless Quality Prospects For Your Martial Arts Business

I’ve been asked on a few occasions…

“Mike, If you were starting over from scratch – how would you build a new school fairly quickly?”

This question is relevant whether your school’s “brand new” or it’s been around for twenty years. Here’s why…

1- If you’re in year twenty does your student base consist of the same people it did when you started? NO.

2- The same principles that “ramp up” a new school can be applied to one that’s hit maturity and “seems to have slowed down.”


If I was starting over, from scratch in a new town, not knowing a soul I would aim to build two lists at the same time.

Those lists…

1- My active list of students so I could pay the bills and…

2- A list of warm, semi-warm and even not so warm prospects.

It’s list number two that will fill my basic classes next month and next year. And who knows, even twenty years from now!

When starting over or breathing life into a stagnant school or just aiming for an endless supply of prospects here are a few rules to follow…

Join your local Chamber of Commerce and just one other networking group. More than this and you spread yourself too thin.

Be of service (by teaching workshops) in every organization in your area (kids and adults). There’s a way to make this work and there’s a way to get shut out of these places forever so tread carefully! Take it further – there’s a correct and an incorrect way to get everyone’s contact info you work with.

Internally: You can then apply the same approach to your own events and turn them into referral generating machines. There’s are ways to create fun events that everyone wants to attend and ways to create flops so be careful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. But the truth is a new school or an “old school” can have the same level of excitement depending on you – it’s really your choice.

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