Everything is Marketing…



MA-Biz Secret agent 007 here with a quick, but powerful, message…




We’re gonna talk about how everything is marketing and marketing is everything.




When you begin to market more and drive more traffic to your school you must also remember that an air tight enrollment process, proper follow up to begin the upgrade process and a descent tuition number are all parts of the marketing matrix.




When you pay for any marketing or engage in any marketing activity you should make it a point to answer your phone between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. Call me crazy, but I have set appointments that have turned into long term students, in the car, in my back yard, at gym, on the beach and some other places I don’t want to mention.




Was I an obsessed workaholic? NO- not really, I just knew that most of my students came from phone calls, so if I wanted more students I should answer my freakin phone!!!




Eventually I shared the burden with my partner and my assistant. Between the 3 of us sharing “on call hours” our phones were answered live 99% of the time! Therefore our marketing paid off! People often bitch and moan about how the mail piece didn’t work, or the insert didn’t pull, but then you call their school and they don’t answer the phone. I had it out with current business partner about this very subject this week!




So I urge you to answer your phone! In the Secret Society I don’t always answer the phone the first time around and that’s ok because our clients understand, but your prospect, who’s hot to trot, and wants to get going doesn’t understand why at 11AM in the morning you are not available!




If you are one man show- think about who can answer the phone when you are teaching? Train them completely on my magic intro formula and you’ll be pleased with the results.



Copyright 2008 By Mike Dolpies