Ex-Politicians in Orange Jump-Suits

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (or is it?)

It’s that time of year again – when all the gooroos will be running wild – guns-a-blazing talking about the latest wiz-bang shiny new object for bringing in 100 new students this back to school season.

And sadly, there will be a lot of envious school owners sipping the gooroo cool-aid. Then, like a drug, the high will come crashing down when the numbers are tallied and it’s discovered that surprise, surprise, only the gooroo got the shiny new object to really work!

Is it impossible to get 100 new students in a single season??

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible – Heck, I’ve done 10o new enrollments in two and half to three month periods at certain times over the years – Not all year round– but I’ve done it.

And I’m talking about actual enrollments– including registration fees and monthly agreements not some $10 per month family add on or short-term trial program.

Anyway– what I’m saying is that you should trust the new shiny back to school object as much as you’d trust an EX-Politician wearing an orange jump-suit! Or, Roman Palanski around your teen-age daughter.

There’s only one Shiny Object (well maybe 2) ya ready….

And that’s  1– you gotta have a lot on the burner  and 2, it needs to be effective.

It’s not enough to simply have a lot anymore you know why??

Consumers are STILL holding on to their wallets with Kung-Fu grip that’d make the Shaolin Temple residents take notice.

The right message, the right offer, the timing, the delivery, what you say– it’s all soooo key nowadays!

Here’s what I want to do for you…

I wanta solve the issue of not having  “enough on the burner.” Don’t get me wrong – I don’t wanta overload you– I just wanta give you access to an abundance of quality ideas to change your business life! Which leads me to number 2…

Giving you access to tools, principles and ready to use resources that work.. That cut through clutter and get you noticed, that make the phone ring and get people in to your classes.

Not the same old stuff! And guess what– I’m not promising 100 new students– Nope– just 26 for your back to school season

Answer this question..

Is this too modest – 26 new students for this years back to school season? I hope not. See that’s much more realistic than 100. In fact, it’s manageable, you can service 26 new students and have a better shot at keeping most of them. That’s the secret the gooroos keep quite (their actual active count).

Here’s how you can get those 26 new students…

Let me explain…

tomarrow- we release our New Website for our Martial Arts Business System Gold Program. The fist piece of material that will go out will be our Back to School 2010 Plan…

It includes stuff for…

  • Getting your school in to the media to enhance your credo
  • a Back to School Campaign For Kids that is Not The Same Old Back to School Campaign
  • Marketing to Recruit Teenagers
  • Ways to Reactive Old Students that are Guaranteed to Be Noticed
  • Strategies for Adults
  • A Fear-Smashing Buddy Bash
  • Internet Marketing Samples
  • Videos for special events, teaching tips and working within your Community
  • and More.

First– I want to Give You Access to Our Free Audio CD…

5 Reasons Why Schools Fail & 5 Reasons For Massive Success

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