Facebook ads for your martial arts business marketing

Did you know most online activities are very “task” oriented? Meaning.

People go online to find a restaurant or book a trip or search for a martial arts school.

That’s why online lead generation works. Someone is looking for info. They find your martial arts business. You make them an offer and they say “sure.” Over and done with. You call them and they come in.

But there’s one place on the net that’s not “task oriented.”

In fact it is totally about wandering. About getting lost. About 5 minutes turning into 25 minutes.

You know where that is?

Facebook. Yes – I sometime get lost wandering around.

I’ve been doing a lot of Facebook ads recently for both myself and clients.

Here’s what I like about it.

Because I’m old school – believe it or not Facebook ads remind me of direct mail marketing.

Meaning: One way to do direct mail is to a “cold list.” That’s a list you purchase. Done correctly you can get phone calls and you can also “warm up” the list via multi steps.

You choose your cold list by demographics and geography.

But here’s what’s great about Facebook ads…

Yes you can choose a radius around your school (like you would with direct mail). You can choose “families with kids” (like you would with direct mail).

Where it gets better is you can dig deeper.

Say you knew that your best students were iPhone users. (Yes – you know know shit like that). Well, you can target them on Facebook.

I can’t go into all the details here but the message is you really should be exploring Facebook ads for your martial arts business. Remember your ad needs to interrupt them. And it’s OK, because they are wandering they are expecting to be interrupted.

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