Facebook Secrets and Tips for Your Martial Arts Business Part 3

By Guest Blogger: Mike De Lucia

In the first two parts of this series, I explained how to move from a “Personal” page to a “Business Page” and why it’s vital that you do so. I also covered how to optimize that Business Page so it’s also a “Facebook Place,” allowing your students to announce to all of their Facebook Friends whenever they’re present at your school. Now, let’s look at how to make people want to read your Facebook page, share it with others, and even how you can help to determine what shows up on THEIR Facebook pages that will encourage them and their friends to come back and spend time on yours.

Tip #3 Be Active and Genuine on Your Page

Just like opening your dojo didn’t guarantee a steady flood of adoring fans pouring through the door (unless you’re really lucky or already famous), creating a high-quality Facebook page doesn’t guarantee that people will find it and “like” it. You need to tell people about it, include a “Find us on Facebook” reference on all marketing materials, and it needs to be worth their time. Your page needs to feature content that’s interesting. It needs to add value to peoples’ lives. It needs to inform, entertain, provoke thought, or why should they bother? It also needs to be genuine! People can smell a phony, so you have to really want your Facebook page to be an extension of your dojo and your own personality. Once you’ve got that working for you, there are some tricks that make it even more effective.

Trick #4 Editing Links

One type of “page content” that you’re likely to want to share with your page’s fans will be internet-based media, particularly articles, blogs, and videos. These are easy enough to share, and Facebook will automatically create a “headline” and “body text” for you based on what’s on the page you’re sharing. That’s terrific when it works, but sometimes you won’t be satisfied with the headline or body Facebook creates. What a lot of people never realize is that YOU CAN CHANGE THEM!! That’s right, simply click on the headline or body and edit them until you’re happy with them. You can shorten them, add to them, or change them completely!

Trick #5 Tagging

In the old days, “tagging” meant spray-painting graffiti on a wall. In the “age of Facebook,” however, you “Tag” people or businesses by including them or referencing them in a post, picture, or video. It’s easy, too! When you post on your wall or your page’s wall, you can “Tag” anyone who is a personal friend of yours, or any page that you have “liked,” by typing the @ symbol, followed by the first letter of their name. A list of people and pages that begin with that letter will appear. Just select the one you want and Facebook inserts it into your post. Big deal, right? Yes! Because it’s inserted as a Hyperlink – other people can click on it and jump to that individual’s or business’s page! Better still, your tagging of them now shows up on THEIR wall (particularly if you have your own personal Facebook Privacy setting for “Posts by Me” set to “everyone.”), which is again a great way to insert yourself into their page where their friends are likely to see it.

Tagging photos and videos works even better – there’s actually a “tag people” button on the photo or video’s page – just click it and start typing in the names of your Facebook Friends who are in it. That photo or video will then appear on THEIR Facebook page and on THEIR FRIENDS’ newsfeeds. It’s basically an ad targeted to people who know the people you know. You know?

Mike De Lucia is a writer, accomplished business executive, and martial arts enthusiast. Mike is currently the Director of Business Operations for Five Star Martial Arts in North Syracuse, NY. His martial arts background includes Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Iaido, Goju-Ryu, and Kenpo Karate, which he practices along with his wife and children. Mike blogs at www.virtualvellum.com.