Follow This Trend and Grow Your Martial Arts Business

2 important items in this post.

Both with the goal of helping your martial arts business.

Watch the video first…

Next– Text Message Marketing

One of the easiest ways to connect with your students ans prospects.

We represent Izigg. We use their programs too.  You can get more info by following this link…

Text Message Marketing for Your Martial Arts School

Would You Like to Join this Totally Free – Martial Arts Business Marketing Mastermind Beta Group?

The discussions take place totally by text message. So picture how any other internet group or chat room is set up. Well this one is totally on your mobile phone! So you can get answers to questions you post to the group.

I am limiting this to a small number — Just 10 to 15 for now.

If you want in on the beta group — fill in your information below and then you will get notified.

 Free Text Message Mastermind