Four Part Martial Arts Marketing Mix

Before I get to the four part martial arts marketing mix let’s get something clear…

This approach is the evolution of about three years of throwing a whole lot of “ish” up against the wall.

You should also know there was a progression.

The famous Marketing Guru Jay Conrad Levinson talks about progression in his book, Guerrilla Marketing. It’s been a while since I read it, but I remember it something like this…

“Don’t jump media!” What he meant was you’re not gonna (when you’re a small biz) open up shop and go straight to buying TV commercials. You have to add media on level by level.

Three years ago his (the client I’m referring to) marketing consisted of getting as much press coverage as he could. He’s been in a bunch of newspapers and magazines in his area. He’s also been featured on morning and evening news. And he also did (and still does) a few guest appearances for local groups.

Of course, his internet marketing has always been solid. Recently he stepped up and got more aggressive adding more domains and some mobile websites.

At my urging he’s explored direct mail (but he needs to do more of it).

After all this he arrived at his current four-prong approach.

Now – keep in mind, he still does the other stuff– but this stuff is what’s been kicking butt for him…

1- TV Commercials: You wouldn’t believe how cheap these things have gotten if you know what you’re doing. I had a lot of fun working on one Mixed Martial Arts commercial and one martial arts fitness/self-defense commercial. Both have been real winners and have been great for his martial arts business.

2- A Well Placed Billboard: I must admit, I was first skeptical about this. I helped with a little bit of wording for it. But all the while I was telling him to “be careful.” (Hey, that’s my job – I look out for peeps!) But, it works to bring in a steady flow of leads to his business. The billboard has been great for his Martial Arts Fitness/Self-defense program.

3- Aggressive Internet Marketing: He’s steadily been adding domains over the years. As new competitors pop-up we analyze their sites and then draw a strategy to out-rank them for key terms. Add to this his custom Facebook page and he’s got most bases covered.

4- Mobile: With this he’s been steadily looking ahead. Text message marketing, QR Codes and Mobile Landing Pages will evolved into a full mobile website really soon.

These four are certainly not the “end all be all” of martial arts business marketing. But this mix and other things he’s doing brought in 34 leads in the last 7 days. Not too bad!

If you wanta get started with your own martial arts marketing mix.

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