Get off the Martial Arts Business Hamster Wheel for Good!


As owners we’ve all been there….The perpetual hamster wheel we call our martial arts schools….




Stuck at 75 students, stuck at 130 students, stuck at 200 students or maybe you’re stuck doing $10,000, stuck doing $20,000 per month, stuck doing $30,000 per month…you get the idea!



Regardless of when or what number you got on your hamster wheel the idea is to get off and begin some forward motion as soon as possible right???



Some school owners are happy with their current hamster wheel…I know because a few years back I was happy with my 220 student, $35,000 per month hamster wheel. BUT- you need to be careful because if you become satisfied with your wheel you’ll still lose because as you know….



Owning a Martial Arts School DEMANDS Forward Motion a Forward Thinking At All Times, OR ELSE!



So the first question is….”How do we get our school and ourselves off of the hamster wheel?”



The first step is to recognize that you are stuck. After that- it’s gonna come down to plugging the holes. So where all the holes???



Well if the phone’s ringing with prospects- but your school is still not growing- then the hole is somewhere in your conversation process.



Now, more than ever, in our tough economy you CAN NOT afford to miss any lead and you certainly can not afford to let anyone who comes in for an intro out the door without enrolling in your school! Now more than ever, how you present your program and what you say to present your program is so important…Here’s a little joke to illustrate….



A new priest asks his bishop if he is allowed to smoke while preying- The bishop says “No way!” The young priest then comes across another priest who is obviously in prayer mode and smoking at the same time. The young priest says…”You can’t smoke while you are preying, the bishop says that is not allowed!” The other priest says; “well the bishop told me it was fine.” The young priest was confused! Finally the other priest said: “I just asked him if it was ok to prey whiled I smoked and he said, no problem!”



There are secrets to easily persuading 90% off your intros to join your school without using high pressure or discounting your tuition and discovering them will get you off of the hamster wheel!



If the phone is simply not ringing then you’ll need to hustle to start making it ring! It’s not just about “getting an ad out there” you need the right ad or direct mail piece…The words- the headline- the offer must all be top notch if you want to even compete with the myriad of distractions that your prospects deal with each day.



You can look to your existing students for referrals, but you need to be sure you are offering the incentives that hit their hot buttons if you want them to refer their friends!



All in all you have two choices; you can slowly get off of your hamster wheel or you can take a short cut to getting off!



The choice is yours!



You can only get off your hamster wheel with the right tools and the right information.



In the “MA-Biz Secret Society” we specialize in helping school owners save time and money and most importantly….Get off the hamster wheel and begin to grow their schools once again!



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Talk to you soon!


Mike Dolpies

Agent 007- “The MA-Biz Secret Society”



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