get your students to share and grow your martial arts business

How many times have you heard this?

“If you want referrals for your martial arts business from your current students you must make it easy for them!”

Well, the same thing applies online.

Yes, you could get your students to refer you by using some simple online marketing principles.

But most schools aren’t doing this. Here’s how it works…

One of the easiest ways to get some online word of mouth is to make sure you have the latest “sharing features” on your website and blog.

Facebook, Twitter & Google+ are the most essential.

And yes, you can ask your students to go to your site or blog and press those share buttons. If they’re happy with you – they’ll gladly do it.

Now, they may not be savvy on Google+ or have 1000’s of Twitter followers, but even if they have 150 Facebook friends do the math…

If just 20 of your students shared your website (because you had the share buttons properly installed and working) with 150 of their Facebook friends, that’s 3,750 people who see your website. Not bad.

The point is to create a “share the benefits” culture in both the real world and online.

So hop to it.

All of our clients’ websites have all of the latest share features.

To find out how to get your online marketing in high gear for the new year press here.