Getting Attention For Your School

 By: Mike Dolpies




We’re still talking about simplicity, so we’ll continue our discussion by bringing up a very important simple yet complicated must do for every school owner…



There’s a very old marketing and sales formula that uses the letters A-I-D-A



Of course it stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. I’m not going go into it for the simple fact that you understand it already. I just want to talk about the first word and brain storm some ideas to get Attention for your school.



The simple truth is Attention is what your school needs! If you can’t get the attention of the people qualified and interested in benefiting from your program than you really have nothing!



Knowing that you must get attention is simple. Ask yourself…How can I get attention to my school? How can I get attention in ways that guarantee I’ll be remembered and talked about?



The answers to these questions can be conventional or non-conventional. Here’s an example…



You can easily knock off my “Hand Written Yellow Letter.” Think about how that letter would get attention???? I know for a fact that when used in a market chances are great that the prospect has never, ever received something like it before.



Bottom line is that with all of the craziness out there we have no choice but to get attention in ways that are not the norm.



Here are some other ways to get attention to your school for any program, kids, adults, etc…



What about getting a DJ outside of your school for a night or a Saturday afternoon?



When the weather gets nice why not have class outside of your school or take a few of your students that you can trust will be safe on a run down a popular road or street in your area? Think of a school in Philly running through the Italian Market like Rocky did?



What about hiring a guy to walk around your plaza on stilts wearing your martial arts uniform and a black belt?



What about (if you really target kids) getting a petting zoo to set up shop for a few hours outside of the school?



How about calling the local spca and hosting a charity “adopt a stray animal day?”



You can always pull a PT Barnum and ride to your school on an Elephant!



You laugh, but remember getting attention is the simple thing we all need to accomplish and the fact is that it is not easy these days!



Think Trump…Remember how much of a huge deal he made about his spat with Martha Stewart and Rosie??? All to get attention!


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