Getting More Students into Martial Arts

Getting More New Students

For Your Martial Arts Business

Just having more introductory lessons will result in more new students for your martial arts business.

First intro lesson show ratios will vary.

Doesn’t matter whether you are doing group intro lessons or private intro lessons confirming is a must.

If you don’t confirm you are wasting your marketing efforts.

A few things… A call the night before (depending on when you set the intro) helps.

Or… the morning of the intro.

I have always gone back and forth and – I could not tell you which one works better.

If an intro was scheduled 4 days prior or longer – the night before is the way to go.

Then…  email. If you use Google calendar you can simply set up an automatic email reminder to go out.

And you can also have some auto-responders go out as soon as someone books an intro.

And… then there’s text messaging.

I’m finding that texting is not for teens anymore.

Prospects and Parents are fine to receive a text message from you. There are two tools to make this efficient.

One gives your landline the ability to send  and receive text messages.

The other lets you send text messages from your smartphone number but do it from your desktop.

I find it is easier to type on my laptop to send messages.

The apps are “Text Us” and “PPL Connect.” You should check them out

Lastly…What about telling prospects to download your own mobile app before they come to the school?

That would have a wow factor huh?

What about allowing your students to share your school with the tap of a button

Go to the link below to get rockin and request your school’s mobile app…