Grow Your Martial Arts Business by Following Up on Non-Enrolled Students

The decision is made.

Your prospects should enroll after one or two intros – max.

Anything more than one or two intros and you’re dragging it out too long.

So it’s Thursday, you complete a second intro with an adult or a family.

You show them how the enrollment works and they agree.

Just one problem, they don’t have anything with them to complete the enrollment.

No checkbook, no credit card – nothing. But they say they wanta do it and tell you they’ll be back at the next class which is Saturday.

Scenario number two…

You do the two lessons. Everything goes well. But then, they tell you they just need to think about it.

Of course, you can minimize these scenarios with a solid pre-screening process.

But no matter what you do – part of the reality of being in business is to come across people who say one thing and do another.

They’re not lying really. But something came up, or they told themselves… “Now is not the right time.”

So they never show up on Saturday.

I will admit a certain percentage will NEVER come back. But the mistake we all make is assuming none will come back.

A percentage of “think it overs” & “no shows for their first class” WILL COME BACK.

But here’s what you gotta do…

1)Call them. (but yes, good luck getting anything more than voice mail)



4)Email with stronger offer to get them off fence.

5)Letter with stronger offer to get them off fence.

6)One more call letting them know what you sent is only good until (whenever)

After those six steps you take that prospect and add them to your monthly mailings and weekly emails.

The problem…

99% of schools won’t do this.

If you make the effort you can get a huge advantage.

So put some systems in place.


One of things we do is put “SYSTEMS” in place to help automate this process.

What you see above is an example of a “non-enrolled system.”

For more info on follow up systems go here…

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