How Alan got 11 leads and 3 new students in 7 days from his martial arts business website

For a while Alan had moderate success with his martial arts business marketing website.

He’d get an OK flow of leads but a lot of them were just tire-kickers or come to find out they couldn’t afford classes.

Every once in a while he’d actually get a student to sign up from his website, but it was rare!

Recently this all changed…

I caught up with Alan last week and asked him to simply tell me how his website did for the previous 7 days.

In this audio  he tells us how it’s done.

Plus, some extra tips…

  • How Simple Words Can Produce Leads for You
  • The Strategy for Collecting Leads Online
  • Why Not ALL Prospects are Created Equally
  • The ONE Thing, That When Done Right, Can Keep Your Prospect Pipeline Fill All Year

Take a listen…

[display_podcast]     <<<< — Listen There

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  • Getting Tougher in the Tough Economy
  • The 5 Musts of Your Monthly Marketing Plan

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