How To Grow Your Martial Arts Business in the ‘Meltdown’

In case you couldn’t catch it live here is the replay of…


How to Grow NOW – Even in The Meltdown


It’ll only be about 58 minutes but you’ll walk away with…


Extremely Effective Strategies to Get More NEW students, Increase Your Bottom Line and Boost Retention Including…


*How to Target the Right Prospects with the Right Message Cost Effectively


*How to Get Your Current Students to Refer More and the Shocking Reason why a lot of schools don’t get as many referrals as they should.


*Why Simple Words Matter MORE than Ever in Tougher Times and What Words are Costing You Students


*The very Powerful 3 SW formula that makes operating your school EASY


*Why top schools are NOT affected by economic downturns and how you can quickly become one of them


*How to use a Simple and Painless formula to get 72% or more of your students on to your upgrade program within 30 days of their enrollment WITHOUT ‘selling!”


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As you know – it is rare that I do FR*EE tele-seminars anymore because of the demands of the MA-Biz Secret Society.

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