How to Help People With Your Martial Arts Business

You’re in the business of helping people with martial arts, right?

Helping your students with focus, self-confidence, discipline.

Helping kids stay active.

Helping adults get in shape.

All of the above and more, right?? “Yes or Yes?”

The problem is most of your best prospects are totally UN-aware of how you can help them.

Sure, maybe once they get started and experience you they get it.

But, it’s not enough to stick an ad in their face. Yea- sometimes that works.

What you have to do is showcase your expertise by giving them some content.

I have a client who has all kinds of video messages plugged in to his follow up sequences for new students. What a nice touch! Video is just one option though.

To help you clarify this, let me ask you…

Do you have a proven method for increasing a kid’s self-confidence?

What about a method for adults to gain strength and flexibility?

Those are just examples – but that knowledge can be turned into content that can help your students.

It will also showcase your expertise to your prospects.

It’s not enough to just tell people “I can help you, if you join my school.” You have to help them a little first with your knowledge, expertise and content.

And then, they will start taking steps toward you!

I know it’s tough sometimes to get the content together. That’s why for my “Book Project Clients” I hand them content already done. They just have to tweak a little.

Why would you want a book for your martial arts school business?

The simple reason is because it is one of the best ways to elevate yourself above the crowd of competition in your area. Not just martial arts schools either…

Do you think the local “Gym Manager” is an expert? How many of your competitors in the kids’ market will have a book?You guessed it – slim pickins!

And Slim Pickins for me too. Because I’m only taking one school owner for my next “Help You Get A Book Done to Market Your School and grow your martial arts business” program.

Details here…

Martial Arts Business Book Project