How To Improve Your Website…

On with another simplicity tip….


By: Mike Dolpies



Let’s talk real quick about your web site.



Remember simple is better and here’s why.



Internet surfers have the attention span of a flea!



When you design your site you need to begin with these facts in mind…



They usually have multiple windows open.



Their email is pulled up so if they get an email or an IM there off to check it.



They are most likely at work while checking out your site.



The list of distractions goes on and on.



I spoke with two members this week whose sites where getting some traffic. I was able to tell by looking at one and the other member had his server logs. Neither of them was happy with their results.



Listen… I don’t claim that my site for the school is the best ever. There are sites that are laid out better. However one thing I know is that froma simplicity sake it works.



There have been many occasions when I got an email notifying me of an optin during normal hours. I called the person right away and got an intro, then an enrollment. Talk about simple. Sometimes you can’t get to them right away so the next day works too. In the worst case they end up in your prospect data base and you send them something in the mail.



The fastest way to build your search engine rankings without knowing how search engines works is to start a blog.

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