How To Thrive in The New Economy

 How to Thrive in The New Economy

There’s been a lot of chatter in the industry lately about the
‘failure rate’ of schools and the hardships faced by many school owners.

 Here’s the truth: Our industry is changing (for the better).
And Yes! The economy is changing too.

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said that the “Oil Boom is
going to go on forever!” Consumers better get used to it! The high
cost of diesel fuel will negatively impact consumer goods because
so many of our basics are shipped via trucks that use diesel fuel.

The list really goes on and on!

If you’re a school owner and you’re not making adjustments to our
changing economy than you too may soon be a statistic.

What can you do? Here are a few ideas…

Raise your tuition again! I’d much rather work with 100 students
paying me $200 per month than 200 paying me $100 per month!

Increase the amount of perks that you include- Give your students’
free b-day parties. They’ll see the value and you’ll easily recruit
their friends!

Target the prospects that are not affected by the changing economy!
Go after the high income households using targeted direct mail.
See my

Work harder than ever at delivering the benefits that people want!

Outsource as much as possible. You can find everything from a virtual
assistant to a company to collect your tuition. Figure out what you
need to get rid of and farm it out to someone else! We recommend
Member Solutions.

Stay informed and on the cutting edge for a fraction of the cost!
Here’s what I mean: The “MA-Biz Secret Society” is here to give you
as much practical, simple, and effective principles, ideas and
strategies to grow your school. Gone are the days of the
“monthly ad sample” and spending $1500.00 per month on a coach!


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