how to waste 100 good prospects for your martial arts business

How to Waste 100 Leads

I guess that wouldn’t make a great title for an article on marketing huh? A Better title might be– “8 Step Follow Up System?”

But the truth is – It happens all the time. Leads get wasted!

  • Guests that show up for special events.
  • Prospects you meet when you’re out an about running a booth at some community event.
  • Birthday Party Leads
  • Self-Defense classes.
  • Etc, etc.

It really is sad.

What do you hear all the time? Right!

You have to follow up. You have to call, email and send physical mail.

Yes– it could get over-whelming!

The key is to have your follow up done before you go about your lead gen activities.

Here’s an example…

Lets say you are going to run a special event for students and buddies.

Promotion goes well so so you end up with 15 Students and 15 non-students at the event. (modest– yes)

So now you have 15 special event guests that need follow up.

You collected all their info of course.

Step 1 is you pre-arranged a time for them to come back as a group and handed them an invitation before they left your event.

Step 2 is old-fashioned: You call the morning of the “come back class” to confirm. If you’re lucky you will reach about half of them. But prepare to reach less!

Step 3 is a numbers game. Meaning, not all of them will show up to your special class. If 5 show up those are the hot ones and the ones you can enroll right away. Within a few days you will have converted a few.

The rest of the steps focus on the last 10. (You know the ones you have would have forgotten in the past)

Step 4 is the ten who did not come to the special extra class for event guests get an email to the effect of “thanks for being our guest” with a gentle reminder of the special class for guests. This would invite them to call you to make arrangements for this special class while they still can.

Step 5 is mail piece one. Mail piece one thanks them again and reminds them of their invite to come in and check out classes.

Step 6 is another email that gives them information that is useful to them. This depends on the market.

It also suggests they check out your blog and website.

Step 7 is mail piece two: Mail piece two is a postcard with a great headline, good copy and an excellent offer.

Step 8 is one more phone call from your program director or you.

These eight steps will turn a few of those guests who would have not joined other wise into new students.

The rest simply stay in your “special event lead” list for future follow up. More will join.

Now– if you’re saying… “Mike, this seems like a lot of work.” You’re correct, but the truth is you don’t really have to do any of it.

Here’s what I mean…

For a few select clients we have put these systems in place.

All the client has to do is enter those 10 special event guests one time.

The systems send the emails. The system tells the fulfillment company to print and mail the letters and postcards.

And the system ques the reminders to the staff to make the calls.

So now your only problem becomes having special events and filling your funnel.

It makes life a lot better.

And whether you get 10 leads or 100 none will be wasted.