Is this mindset keeping the economy down

Yesterday I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about small businesses and “marketing.”

One of the points in the article

I quote…

“Small businesses generally keep tight tabs on advertising and marketing expenses because the payoff may be UN-certain. About 40% of business owners surveyed earlier this year reported the economy was preventing them spending on marketing and sales.”  The survey was done by American Express Open

Now here’s the thing…

Aren’t “sales,” as in selling our products and services to the people who can best use them exactly what will put the economy back on track?

Yeah– it may take more effort when consumers are being tight-fisted but the reality is even when the economy “gets back on track” people are still NOT gonna fall in the door.

We must become better at marketing.

The school that is the best in their area at communicating (in a variety of ways) the benefits of martial arts to their prospects will always win.

Then – on the subject of the pay-off of marketing being “UN-certain.”  That’s B.S. !

The right messages, the right offers, the right timing and using the principles of direct response marketing DO provide measurable results.

The main take-away…

While the rest of your area falls into the herd of scared school owners and business owners in general you can stick out like a soar thumb when you ramp up your marketing.

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