Is Your Martial Arts Website Making These Deadly Mistakes?

By Mike Dolpies copyright 2008

In this episode of “A Blast of Brutal and Simple Honesty About the Martial Arts Business” you’re gonna get a front row seat as a tear apart a martial arts school website.



Talk about A Blast of Brutal Honesty!



The fact is that a whole lot of martial arts school websites make some very fundamental mistakes.



Unfortunately – these mistakes cost them students!



Are you making the same mistakes with your Martial Arts Business Website???


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I wanted to share with you some in-sites I got from a veteran school owner named Ed. Ed’s school is in Oak View CA. and he has been in the martial arts business for 20 years.



He took advantage of a “website make over” class I did recently for just 12 lucky school owners.



Here’s what he told me when we ended up connecting by phone the next day as a follow up to the class.



He said…



“Mike you really gave me totally honest feedback about my site. You didn’t give me any fluff. You guessed (and were totally right) that my site was not getting any leads for me. Most importantly you told me exactly what I needed to fix to get it right.”



He then went on to tell me that what held him back from not joining the MA-Biz Secret Society sooner and securing one of the area exclusive spots was simply a matter of his being skeptical.



He went on to explain that he has been burned so many times by programs that over promise and under deliver.



Then, I said, “What finally convinced you to get going?”



He said, “Mike, when we finally spoke and you explained to me how the programmed worked I just knew right then and there that I could trust you.”



I thought, Wow, how many school owners are being held back right now because they are too skeptical because they have been burned before?



It’s almost like when a school in your area is known for being unprofessional and of poor quality and the public automatically lumps you in with them because your sign says “martial arts!”



It really is sad that you are holding yourself back from easily attracting more students, while designing a school to fit your life style.



Don’t be held back any longer!



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