Just Don’t Be A Victim!

Just Don’t Be A Victim!

I must admit that in my last post I got a little
(what some would interpret as) pessimistic!

Yes! Things are changing and some schools are facing tough times,
but here’s what’s funny…

There have been and always will be schools that face tough times!

Yes! Even in the boom of resent years when students taped their home
equity to buy Hummers and pay martial arts lessons in full. Often
righting checks of $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 for upgrade programs
there were schools that struggled!

Here’s the key, but first a quick economic lesson…

The U.S. economy is guided by certain indicators. If you know what
each indicator means and the ripple effect it has you can actually
predict economic booms or economic busts. The key economic indicator
that drives the U.S. economy is “Housing Starts.”

There are a few keys!

Unfortunately, the media with all its doom and gloom does not help.
So one key is to just get enough news to stay informed and look for
an opportunity to get some press for yourself.

The next key is to simply decide NOT to be a victim!

Another key is to operate your school on solid principles. Whether
we are in a boom or a slow down certain things works and
certain things don’t!

That’s what the “MA-Biz Secret Society” is all about… Simple,
 Proven Principles!


Take Care!

© 2007 By Michael Dolpies